What kind of wine the most useful for health

• What kind of wine the most useful health

Studies show that small amounts of alcohol does not harm the body, and can bring benefits. If we talk, for example, about wine, then its various kinds have different advantages. Here are the top, through which you can make not only the faithful, but also a healthy choice.

What kind of wine the most useful for health

1. Dry Red

The most useful health wine, it most antioxidants. And all because the skin of grapes left in the barrel in the fermentation process and gives its nutrients - procyanidins - the drink. This wine (in moderation!) Good for the heart and may help to live longer. Most of procyanidins in wines from southwest France and Sardinia, and the Spanish, American and Australian of less than 2-5 times.

Orange 2.

This white wine is made on the model of the red. Simply put, with maceration of white wine out of it clean referred to peel grapes, and in the case of this - leave for a period of weeks to a year. Due to this, the wine takes on a light orange hue.

3. The Rose

It is made from red grapes, but the contact with the skins lasts less than in the previous versions - only a few hours. And that means that the antioxidants in it less.

4. White powder

From his skin is removed at once, making it less useful for health, but some benefit can still be obtained.

5. Sweet wine

The sweetness is achieved at the expense of sugar. Thus, 150 ml of nutmeg contained 21 grams of carbohydrates, of which 13 - pure sugar. For comparison, the same portions Chardonnay only 3 grams of carbohydrates (sugars and - a third of this quantity). In short, the choice is obvious.