Where the most terrible tourists

Travel-blogger Sergei Anashkevich published a ranking of the most horrific tourists. Do you think the Russians top the list? And here and there.

The Russian tourists do not have the best reputation in the world. What can we say, Dorval before the holidays and "ol inklyuziva", some of our capable only one "Tagil" scare coming to the resort districts. And where there is a lot of alcohol, it begins rudeness, fights, petty theft, and other unpleasant antics. Recently, however, the Russian tourist as corrected, and afraid abroad have now become not Russian.

Where the most terrible tourists Where the most terrible tourists


The championship in the ranking of the worst tourists in the representatives of the Middle Kingdom. Just how tightly crowded Chinese tourist market, everyone knows. However, as their behavior in airports. Only one fact - the government of the PRC had published an official memo to passengers on how to behave on board and at airports.

At the heart of the cases registered in the memo, are the complaints of passengers and airport personnel. Among the cases for which the Chinese will be severely punished or even prosecuted, appear locking action or an attack on the airport staff and crew, trespassing on the apron or runway, destruction and damage of the airport facilities, opening the doors of the aircraft, damage to aviation equipment and transportation of dangerous instruments.

Not better things the inhabitants of China and behavior in hotels and places of cultural and leisure activities. Often, after a visit to the tourist group of employees has to be spent on small repair room (we know many cases when the Chinese flooded neighbors and the port number). Well, the phrase "no photos" and all Chinese plunges into shock. Amateurs to capture every moment of their lives, they tend to spit on the rules and take out smartphones and during performances, and in the galleries.

Another problem - the meal. In China, it is normal to issue the ugly sounds of the table, spitting out fish bones on a plate and even throw trash under the table, that plunges into shock waiters in restaurants.

Where the most terrible tourists


In second place on the list turned out to residents of the UK. Polite, friendly and attentive tourists are instantly transformed, barely sipping a glass. Run naked down the street, jump off the balcony into the pool, to fight with his own shadow - in the network are many examples where supposedly prudish Englishmen opened to spectators on the other hand, enough Googling "drunken Briton" ...

The mayor of the Croatian resort island of Hvar, tired of the local British tourists, has announced a fine of 700 euros for those who will drink alcohol in public places.

Blur UK name is not only noisy companies with alcohol. Fraud with food poisoning, which involves compensation deals for fictitious diseases have reached epidemic proportions in Spain and other European countries.

One couple, who, they claimed, because of hotel food earned stomach cramps and severe diarrhea, was angry when it was revealed that during the holidays, they tried 109 alcoholic beverages.

Where the most terrible tourists

The Germans

Germans took the bronze. If the British drink, these tediousness. For the majority of German tourists rules - is sacred. And if the menu at the hotel would be monotonous, and the bedroom will be terraces listed in the brochure, they are likely to start demanding compensation. Sometimes the claim quite reach the point of absurdity. So, one of the clients of the German tour company while on holiday, every meal ordered a three beers. Each new glass differed slightly in volume from the previous alert the Germans captured all the volumes of underfilling. Returning home, he sent a detailed complaint, which have been translated all nedovypitye milliliters with the current prices.

The second problem - the constant complaints. A few years ago even published a book, "I'm sorry, but your hotel burned down" (Sorry, Ihr Hotel ist abgebrannt), where the authors have collected the most absurd and ridiculous complaints of the Germans while traveling.

So, one of the accused diving tour operators that broke his neck by their fault. And he will not dive. In his complaint, the customer said that all this was in flat-panel TVs, which hung on the wall in the wrong place. Because of this, lying in bed, the tourist was forced constantly to twist his head until he something jammed in the back of his head. For three days he could spend enjoying scuba diving, went to rehab.

Where the most terrible tourists

The Americans

Going on a trip, the Americans are not averse to drink too much and go for petty theft. Result - drunken antics, toilet, where the itch, missing items from hotel rooms and boundless boorishness. In addition, the majority of American travelers believe that on holiday they are free to do (and receive) anything they want. If a member of staff to fulfill the request refused, his feet (or by the collar, as anyone lucky enough) flying dollar bills. The second problem is the Americans - they constantly misplace or lose their belongings, which delivers extra trouble to employees of travel agencies.

Where the most terrible tourists

of Israel

The behavior of the Israelis on vacation often is not much different from the behavior of the British and Americans - the same drunkenness and theft. However, by their very nature they are more temperamental, so until the morning in the rooms are noisy gatherings that often disturbs other travelers.

Another negative feature of tourists from Promised Land - niggling. If you put up with the antics of the Chinese hotel owners are willing for the sake of more profit, with the Israelis is hardly possible to get a buck.

Where the most terrible tourists


Still, the list of the worst tourists of the world could not do without our compatriots. And here everything is quite predictable: the stolen toiletries, kitchen utensils and appliances, drunken fights, broken hotel furniture and boorish attitude of the staff. Well, our tourists still have work to do. "Rousseau tourists look morale" ...