Food film in households

Food foil - an indispensable tool of every housewife thanks cling-effect. Transparent, thin and wide tape adheres well to the same material and the surfaces of various objects. Just as easily, without the slightest effort it unstuck from the objects. Manufacturers of plastic wrap is positioned as a material for batch packaging cold products, and we are accustomed to wrap sandwiches, cheese and other supplies without thinking about what its potential use is much broader.

Food film in households

1. Vials with shampoos and other liquids are safe for the things in the luggage

Food film in households

The film protects items in the luggage of the spillage from the vials.

Shampoos, gels and other similar funds in the road require attention. Even the screw caps can not prevent liquid from spilling on the things in your luggage. Precautions are simple - cover with plastic wrap the bottle top and then screw the cap. Now you can safely go on a trip without worrying that the bottles turned over and the liquid will spoil things.

2. The compact packaging of jewelry in the form of a sort the

Food film in households

Chains wrapped in cling film, not tangled on the road.

Take a journey decorations so that they lay neatly - it is difficult. Jewelry in purse or travel bag compartment entangled, the chain can be contacted at the nodes. Take cases - is to increase the amount of luggage. Instead, rewind the film piece of the desired size, in the center of carefully arranged ornaments and wrap the edges. Ideal for jewelery transport - everything is in order and takes up little space.

3. Vessel with non-spillable properties

Food film in households

The capacity of uppers, lengthy film is transformed into a "pot above."

This solution - a real lifesaver in many situations. From this convenient vessel to drink while in the car, without the risk of oblitsya while driving on rough roads. The house can be easily read a book while sipping juice from a straw. If the glass accidentally turn over, do not spill liquid, pouring all around. Simply pull the film over the container edge and firmly press the entire circumference of the vessel. In the center make a hole and insert a straw to drink.

4. The shell of the tablet, the device preserves clean the kitchen

Food film in households

The plate was wrapped in foil, clean.

When developing new dishes is convenient when the tablet is on hand to consult with a recipe from the Internet or watch videos while food is prepared. If you touch it with your fingers, smeared with oil or flour, the screen gets dirty quickly. Wrap the plate with cling film, and the device will remain clean and intact, even if it is something prosypetsya or spill. The film does not become an obstacle in the management of handheld device, it is very thin and the touch screen is responsive to touch. A superb transparency allows easy view the content.

5. "Robe" for a smartphone that protects against moisture and sand

Food film in households

Smartphones, closed film is not afraid of sand and moisture. Smartphones accompany us in all situations. Wrapped film device will be protected from moisture during a conversation in the rain, from sand on the beach, by spills in the kitchen. Wrapping the can and other objects such as the TV remote, the computer keyboard. Their buttons literally attract dust and crumbs of food that you need to constantly clean off. The film protects gadgets from contamination during cleaning can simply replace it with a new.

6. Storage of ice cream without the formation of ice dams

Food film in households

Ice longer retain their properties, if the lid container tighten with cling film.

Opening the packaging of ice cream is not enough to simply close the lid. During storage in the freezer through the product for some time covered with icing. Ensure the integrity of the package and keep the original look and taste of ice cream will help food film. Firmly pull it over the container and then close the container lid.

Interesting fact: His appearance stretch film lovers obliged to assign the wrong things. In the 70s of the last century, a large American company engaged in cargo delivery, faced with a systematic shortage of transported values, or they arrive in damaged condition. Customer complaints were flow, and the company's image had to be saved, or could fail. Management came up with a brilliant idea of ​​creating a fundamentally new packaging: transparent, with stretching properties and resistant to mechanical damage. The idea of ​​the order of the transport company brought to life company "Polymers Enterprises". Stretch film once shown to be effective and was a resounding success.

7. Magnificently whipped cream and clean the walls and a table - it's real

Mixer, food wrap film does not contaminate the food.

When whipping eggs for the sponge cake, cream cake, cocktails and other liquid spray products are flying around, falling on the table and the wall nearby. This can be avoided by wrapping the blender or food processor with cling film. In the case of an immersion blender film will need to close the bowl, in which the whipped products, and make a hole in the center of the corolla. Now, liquid or dry ingredients will not contaminate the surface around, splashing in the air. This simple technique eliminates the need to wash the kitchen after cooking.

Tip: Before using plastic wrap, place in the freezer for 15 minutes or permanently stored there. The cold will reduce electrification, and the film will be convenient to work with.