How billionaires raise their children

Whether to make a bet on education and personal qualities of the child, whether to restrict the social network as not to overdo it with care, but do not give too much freedom - all parents are faced with similar problems. Forbes Life acquainted with the rules of education top billionaires in Russia and abroad

How billionaires raise their children

Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX, 5 children

Status: №40 in the world Forbes list, $ 22, 3 billion

"I am a good father. Children spend more than half of my week, and I give them a lot of time. In addition, I take them with you on the trip. They have the opportunity to get a very unusual experience that they will appreciate when they are older. I would never have gone to a campaign on their own, I do it only to ensure that they at least sometimes encountered difficulties. They themselves must cook and clean - and do whatever you are doing in the campaigns. "

How billionaires raise their children

Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group, 2 children

Status: # 478 in the world Forbes list, $ 4, 1 billion

"If your child is going to try something forbidden, do it with him. This is better than force him to do it in secret from you. Too often adults try to protect children from disappointments in case of failure and setbacks. This is a big mistake. The more often children say that they did not get, the faster they will lose their curiosity and determination. "

How billionaires raise their children

Bill Gates, the Microsoft founder, 3 children

Status: №2 in the global list of Forbes, $ 96 billion

"We want to find a balance when, on the one hand, children have freedom of choice, and on the other - there is so much money that they can live it - and do nothing."

How billionaires raise their children


Arkady Rotenberg, CEO of the Russian Hockey Federation, 5 children

Status: №41 in Russia's Forbes list, $ 2, 6 billion

"Guided by the parent of experience, I believe that children should be employed as much as possible. Forcing them useless, but are interested in - can and should be. "

How billionaires raise their children

Vadim Moszkowicz, chairman of the "RusAgro" Board of Directors, 3 children

Status: №45 in Russia's Forbes list, $ 2, 3 billion

"I explained to my son that he can not brag about the fact that he has not achieved. He can show off their scores, their sporting successes. In general, if you have a normal family, you are always together doing something (with exercise, something to discuss, including work), - the child begins to share your values. This is the most difficult - to stifle a parental expectations. First you from them is very much waiting for, and it turns out involuntarily. And then all of a sudden you look back to their children and see that these expectations hanging over their heads, as a cast-iron stove. The eldest son I have to specifically talk on this subject, to explain that I do not expect anything special from him. It is necessary to give the children grow up free and does not put pressure on them "

How billionaires raise their children

Dmitry Kostygin, co-owner of "Yulmart" network and the creator of "Rows", 5 children

Status: №192 in the Russian Forbes list, $ 0, 5 billion

"When the children come home from school and say they received four, I have one answer: the main thing - to find a good wife, and the school does not teach. Therefore, four fours, and people need to understand. And in order to understand people, you need to listen and watch. "

How billionaires raise their children

Warren Buffett, an American entrepreneur, CEO Berkshire Hathaway, 3 children

Status: №3 in the world Forbes list, $ 84, 9 billion

"I saw many run their own children, and there is nothing worse than to achieve something from the child with the help of money. His I have always said that they can do anything: to graduate from college and become doctors or lawyers. I called them in any way to apply their existing talents for the benefit of the world. I will leave children enough money so that they can do anything. But money is not much, so they left the desire to do anything. "

How billionaires raise their children

Alexander Mamut, a member of the steering committee Rambler Group, 5 children

Status: №42 in Russia's Forbes list, $ 2, 5 billion

"While the child is small, it is necessary as much as possible to hug and kiss him. At the time of the tactile contact, touch the child is transferred to the only thing that is important to convey at this point: the father loves you. That's when the child becomes a junior in high school, it is already necessary to create obstacles. There is nothing better than a life as an obstacle course. The child is constantly need to overcome the difficulties: the loneliness, the exercise, the hard work. Therefore, the only thing that can give him - is difficult, good challenges. "

How billionaires raise their children

Igor Rybakov, co-owner of the corporation "Technonikol" and co-founder of "Rybakov Fund", 4 children

Status: №78 in Russia's Forbes list, $ 1, 3 billion

"I do not speak with your children about money. I believe that parents cause injury to children when the time does not provide the necessary independence. Why give birth to their forced helplessness? Children want - and that we are obliged to meet their Wishlist?

We decided with my wife, we parents give them our, first, last name, it is a very strong capital and reputation, and the second - genetics, more - a willingness to take decisions in unpredictable circumstances. I'm trying to teach children not to panic and to use their thinking.

Yes. They can even take my purpose loan. For example, Pauline Rybakova took a loan for education, this loan she eats, rents an apartment, and the following is known: it will have to return it. "

How billionaires raise their children

Roman Avdeev, the founder of the "Credit Bank of Moscow", 23 children

Status: №61 in Russia's Forbes list, $ 1, 5 billion

"I never act from a position of" I'm an adult and strong, so I'm right. " The formula is simple: my children need to know what is good and what is bad. But I will not impose anything: when they grow up, have made their choice.

Our children are well aware of the word "no." For example, in our family iPad is just me. When they ask him to play, I give when I do not need. If necessary - I do not give. Everything is simple and natural.

The money we are beginning to give, as soon as the children an opportunity to buy something. It happens in school: there is a dining room, pantry, and there they make their first purchase. I do about these costs do not say, it is their money and they have the right to spend it at their discretion. I have only one condition: first normal lunch, and then later chips.

Under my influence, by the way, my daughter is now made in the school project about the genome, and two years ago - about black holes. And it's great that we are here so influence "on their children.

How billionaires raise their children

Jeff Bezos, the head of, owner of Blue Origin, the publishing house The Washington Post aerospace company, has 4 children

Status: №1 in the world Forbes list, $ 131 billion

"With regard to the education of children, we come to this rather trivial: children arrange scientific experiments in the kitchen, learn Mandarin, Singapore master program mathematics, as well as play various games with the neighborhood children. I allow the heirs to use sharp knives to four years. Electrical appliances from small Bezos also no hiding. We are confident that as the children will be able to understand the world much earlier and come to terms with his device. I would prefer to be the father of a child with nine fingers, than the child who has no way of knowing the world. "

How billionaires raise their children

Petr Aven, chairman of the "Alfa-Bank" Bank Group Board of Directors, 2 children

Status: №21 in Russia's Forbes list, $ 5, 2 billion

"In the education of their children, I was very frank. We were never deceived. My children are well aware of our family history. They spent a lot of time talking with my mom and my late mother-in. They have a lot of understanding of how life works here - we have with them a profound mix of political views. We, of course, their highly restricted around. And we had a very honest, open, but very demanding relationship with the children. No its exclusivity, they have never been able to not only demonstrate, but even feel. They were born when we especially and did not have money. But then they did not affect it much. So we need rigor, integrity and implementation of the right values, education, moral bar. I raised my children in the same way as raised me taught to always work and learn. "