How to make money while traveling

To travel and explore the world of dreams, probably every one of us. Unfortunately, the realities of life does not always allow us to realize our dreams. However, saying "Who wants to, he will achieve" appeared out of nowhere. The modern level of development of communications allows to realize a lot of things that previously seemed impossible. Want to know how? Then read.

The first thing you need to do - to give up routes and ready to build his own, unconventional way.

become "Japanese tourist"

How to make money while traveling

This means, take photos of everything. To get a fascinating exotic pictures does not have to be a professional photographer. Learn a few tricks of processing frames in a graphics editor and boldly lay out his work on the photosites. For every frame sold you will receive a commission for many years. Examples of suitable sites - Fotolia, GettyImages, Shutterstock.

Lead author's blog

How to make money while traveling

Blogging gives several advantages, and one of them - the money. You may place paid advertisements, become an advertising partner, to sell their products (podcasts, webinars, e-books), to attract sponsors (hotels, travel agencies) - all this is the right approach gives the opportunity to earn.

Write articles

How to make money while traveling

Blogging will provide invaluable assistance in the development of his writing style. Then you can try to sell articles to online magazines and other publications.

Use the online shopper

How to make money while traveling

During the travel you will certainly accumulate a lot of interesting photos and creative ideas. Due to commercial services, for example, Zazzle, you can monetize them. Upload your product on the site, then sit back and watch as people order your T-shirts, cases for mobile phones and other cute stuff. Everything else - from production to delivery and payment processing - your Zazzle.

Write a book

Write a book about his travels and sell electronically. iBook store platform allows even sell interactive books containing audio, video, games and apps.

Sell souvenirs

How to make money while traveling

In the smaller markets, you can negotiate the delivery of a variety of unusual items of local production. Suitable antiques, jewelry, designer dress, decor and collectibles (stamps, knives, figurines and the like). Finding a reliable supplier, you can sell things over the Internet (eg, with the help of eBay or Avito), and can reach an agreement with a wholesale buyer in your country and sell it at once large quantities of goods.

Work remotely

How to make money while traveling

to work while traveling - probably the simplest thing you can do, though in this case you will have less free time. Some of the activities you can do from every corner of the globe: the writer, graphic designer, sales consultant, photographer, artist, translator, virtual assistant, web designer, instructor, tourist guide, journalist, and many others. Ads for these vacancies can be found on Web sites for freelancers.

Become a local independent entrepreneur

Freelancers are able to work from anywhere. But what if you want to create your own business, earn a lot of money to travel and tasteful? This is easier said than done. However, if you dare, you are willing to come to the aid of an army of cheap virtual assistants and online automation equipment.