20 things that never make happy couples

20 things that never make happy couples

Formula perfect relationship does not exist, however, several laws may be found in a happy marriage. This list will help you understand what you are doing wrong.

1. Do not complain about the relationships with family and friends

Sometimes there are problems in the relationship, but that is no reason to discuss their sweethearts with outsiders. Involving others in your personal life, you risk losing the trust of a partner. Is something bothering you? Discuss it with him. Nothing brings as joint overcoming difficulties.

2. Do not compare yourself with others

People who are happy in the relationship, accept themselves as they are. Compare themselves or partner with another person - a futile exercise, because the conclusions after such a comparison is always detached from reality. In addition, guaranteed feeling of insecurity and their relationships.

3. Do not blame the partner for their problems

Always remember that only you are responsible for your feelings and actions. No need to blame the lover in all his troubles, and then sink into self-pity. If you do not see a way out of a difficult situation, ask for help, rather than start a senseless scandal.

4. Do not take themselves too seriously

Life is full of ups and downs. And the failures should not be taken as a tragedy. Learn to enjoy life. Even when it's not easy to look at the bright side of everything. Spend more time together and Learn to laugh at yourself.

5. Do not criticize

Believe me, no man on this planet do not like it when his sawing. Criticizing your partner, you just create a rift in the relationship, which over time can completely destroy them. Try not to criticize each other, but instead look for less offensive ways to cope with annoying habits.

20 things that never make happy couples

6. Do not ignore the financial side of relationships

Problems with money can destroy even the strongest relationship, so decide all questions as quickly as possible. Discuss your financial goals and work together to make decisions about spending. If you feel that financial matters - it's too touchy subject to discuss it openly, think about what a headache it can be later if not solve everything right now.

7. Do not try to read the mind of your partner

In many ways - especially long - a person begins to feel that he always knows what to his partner. However, no one can know this better than himself. The key to a happy relationship - communication. The more you trust each other, the better you understand the partner's needs. But this does not mean that you have the right to make all the decisions for him.

8 does not start a conversation at the wrong time,

Imagine a situation: you can not wait to share their experiences and feelings. Unfortunate for this time - when your other half is occupied with something else, or is going to do it. If you come with their problems at this moment, it is likely that your partner does not understand the importance of the entire conversation. And you will have an unpleasant aftertaste. To make sure to start a conversation at the right time, just say, "I need to talk to you now comfortable?"

9. Do not dwell on her role in relationships

Each partner has multiple roles in a relationship. For example, based on gender stereotypes: a woman cooks a man engaged in other work around the house. Happy couples do not obsess over this division and are always ready to perform any task outside their roles when needed. For example, in your relationship prepares the woman, but today it is delayed at work. A man should not wait until she comes back, and will be covered on the table, he is able to cook dinner for myself and for her.

10. Do not set a negative

Do not exert pressure on his partner: he does not always do what you want. Keep it. Motivate, so it was easier to achieve big goals. Whining and negativity will not do your best pair.

11. Do not follow the advice of romantic movies

And especially do not compare their lives with what is happening on the screen. Without a doubt, the Hollywood couple look great, but a happy relationship is not like a glossy picture. It is made-up images of relationships which have no analogues in the real life. Happy couples never build their lives on such misconceptions.

12. Do not rush to

Never go to a new level of relationship too quickly. Everyone wants to quickly get to the happy ending fairy tale, but believe me, the journey is much more interesting. Go to the registrar after a week of love - it is certainly romantic, but in most cases the rush does not lead to a happy ending.

13. Do not expect that the relationship will solve all the problems at once

Of course, happy relationships add joy to your life, but do not expect that it will automatically solve all your problems. No one else will be able to instantly change your life for the better. All this you have to do yourself. Solve problems, and do not bring them into their relationship.

14. Do not expect to be a couple - it's easy to

Long-term relationship - that's fine, but they are very few people easily. Think of the problems as opportunities for growth and strengthen the relationship in your couple. To be together, you need to make an effort.