9 most incredible tire of the future, which will radically change the car

9 most incredible tire of the future, which will radically change the car

The most incredible car tires.

Literally every month there is an incredible amount of car concepts that affect its futuristic design, and filling capabilities. Admiring the car of the future, few think about what will be the tires. And yet already it offers many of the most incredible models - technologically advanced, reliable, environmentally friendly - which break down stereotypes about the tires.

1. Tire Dakar

9 most incredible tire of the future, which will radically change the car

Dakar tires - the best for racing.

At the competition Hankook Tyre Desing Challenge 2014 Dakar bus from the designer Samir Sadihova won the I-st ​​place. Hexagonal design of the tread of the tire provides reliable adhesion to the surfaces of various kinds. In addition, the wheel is fully adapted to the cross-country race. The tread consists of individual hexagonal blocks, each of which has a separate air chamber, which makes it possible to change in case of a puncture separate unit and not integral wheel.

These conceptual tires adapted to different vehicles (both passenger and freight). Thus coloring the side members may be chosen depending on taste preferences.

the Tweel tires 2.

9 most incredible tire of the future, which will radically change the car

The innovative tire Tweel

French company Michelin has released innovative Tweel tire. A unique development consists of a rigid hub which, by means of flexible polyurethane spokes connected to tread. The wheel of this design, where ø 830 mm, the tread depth - 3, 5 mm can withstand a load of 2 tons. For producing such a hybrid manufacturer used special rubber spokes having a unique cross-section.

They fused with the tread and the wheel in a single structure, thus can easily change the shape of the vehicle at the time of overcoming the uneven sections of the road, and the rigidity of their 5 times greater than the corresponding figures of classic tires.

3. Wheels Active Wheel

9 most incredible tire of the future, which will radically change the car

Active Wheel Wheels.

On the progress Michelin has not stopped. Its specialists have created a unique kind of smart wheel Active Wheel, which is able to produce cars in motion by a miniature electric motor, providing also features suspension and braking. The complex consists of:

• Tires;

• thrust systems (electric);

• an active suspension;

• friction braking systems.

Such a solution significantly saves space by freeing the car from the engine and transmission.

Each wheel is an independent system that allows a machine equipped with 2 (forward or backward) or by 4-wheel drive.

Couple Active Wheel Wheel demonstrates the power output of 60kW / 40L. from.

To ensure the supply of wheels Michelin developed a special battery and energy storage which is enough for 200 kilometers, and its weight is 2 times less than that of counterparts.

4. Maxplo from the company the Kumho

9 most incredible tire of the future, which will radically change the car

Maxplo from companies Kumho.

Company of South Korea Kumho unveiled new airless tire transformers Maxplo. The basis of the concept was the ability of the tread of these tires transformed depending on the actual driving conditions, providing the maximum level of adhesion with the road. The tire Maxplo panels are moved apart when driving on snow or loose ground, and as a result, improved off-road performance. The fully icy road is further nominated blocks having spikes.

On Maxplo tread pattern is formed so as to ensure maximum water removal and to avoid hydroplaning effect (partial or complete loss of traction with the road cars because of the presence in the water layer contact area). For electric cars there is a possibility of integration in the central part of Maxplo drive motor.

5. IFlex from the Hankook


9 most incredible tire of the future, which will radically change the car

IFlex from the company Hankook.

The company Hankook (Korea) announced the successful testing IFlex airless tires. These tires have the air chamber and are manufactured from a special material which has low toxicity and is easy to further processing.

IFlex peculiarity is the presence within the tire wheel special pores (cavities) that perform damper function. It should be noted that IFlex will be installed instead of all-wheel drive, and the manufacturer has provided for this special attachment.

Another feature IFlex will be that they will be releasing exclusively from raw materials obtained by recycling old tires.

6. Kenda Terrain Armor

During the fruitful cooperation between the companies and Kenda USA Polaris Resilen Technologes became the new all-terrain Polaris General, who has the airless tires Kenda Terrain Armor.

The outer rim of the non-pneumatic tire is made of rubber and has a conventional standard tread. The internal cellular structure made of a patented composite material that combines high strength with flexibility and shape memory.

Tires Kenda Terrain Armor has the following advantages:

• Unique cell structure allows the wheel to absorb any unevenness of the soil;

• Sufficient stiffness of the walls contributes to withstanding body weight;

• Lack of air chambers of tires makes it possible not to be afraid of punctures.

These tires have become at once very popular in rescue and military.

7. Tire Intelli Grip

9 most incredible tire of the future, which will radically change the car

Intelli Grip tires from Goodyear.

US company Goodyear has recently demonstrated the conceptual bus Intelli Grip, equipped with modern sensor technology that supports the system of autonomous movement. Due to this, as well as a specially developed tread, Intelli Grip is able to monitor a number of parameters:

• The state of the road surface;

• Weather conditions at the moment;

• pressure;

• The degree of wear and tear.

All data collected by the monitoring are transmitted to a central computer of the vehicle. This makes it possible to significantly improve vehicle performance and improve the level of safety of movement on it.

8. Tire Eagle-360

9 most incredible tire of the future, which will radically change the car

Eagle-360 Tires with magnetic levitation.

Another development of Goodyear tires are spherical Eagle-360, which will be made by individual design using ZD-printing. Characteristics they will be given depending on the driving style of the driver, as well as the car's location. The wheels have a spherical shape and are held by means of magnetic levitation.

Spherical Eagle-360 will be equipped with sensors, by means of which monitoring is carried out:

• The state of the road surface;

• The degree of wear and tear.

These data will be transmitted to the central control system of an unmanned vehicle.

Furthermore, the concept provides for an automatic change of the orientation of the wheels with a significant deterioration of any part of the tread.

Eagle-360 Spherical wheels have a tread pattern that resembles in appearance surface cerebral coral. Void tread filled with a special material having the properties of natural sponge, which is in contact with water will first absorb it, and then extrude outwardly under the influence of centrifugal force. This design avoids the occurrence of aquaplaning effect. Inside each tire has a spherical motor and the battery, and the remaining cavity is filled with a special reinforced foam. Tires of the future are able to make a full rotation around its axis, and to adapt to different weather conditions. The spherical shape of the tire is capable of providing better maneuverability and also makes it possible to move the car sideways.

9. Hakkfheliitta from Nokian Tyres of

9 most incredible tire of the future, which will radically change the car

Very smart tire from Nokian Tyres.

The company Nokian Tyres offer a different concept of shinoindustrii. Their new model Nokian Hakkfheliitta all also inflated with air, however, is able to change depending on the conditions. These tires have spikes which, if necessary, put forward (for this purpose in the cabin just need to press the button).

Winter tire Nokian Hakkfheliitta R2 released for electric cars and has the highest levels of fuel efficiency. And they will be informed about their status in the smartphone driver.