40 little-known facts about the star of "La La Land's" Emma Stone

• 40 little-known facts about the star of "La La Land" Emma Stone

January for moviegoers and some editors BigPikchi was marked by the film "La La Land": for him every day somebody writes in the news feeds of social networks, focus groups do not get tired to admire frames with Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling, and our friends for a few days sing melody City of Stars. January 24, it became known that the musical was nominated for "Oscar" in 13 categories, and among them the most prestigious ( "Best Film", "Best Director", "Best Screenplay", "Best Actor" and "Best Actress") .

Tell what you probably do not know about the charming Emma Stone, starred in the title role.

40 little-known facts about the star of 40 little-known facts about the star of

1. The name of the actress Emily Jean Stone was employed in the Screen Actors Guild, so she changed it.

2. Before you choose the name of Emma Stone hesitated between "Riley" and "Emily Gee".

3. The actress grew up in Scottsdale, Arizona. At age 11, she started playing in amateur theater.

4. Initially, Emma Stone - blonde. Repainted in red she suggested the producer of the film "Superbad," Judd Apatow before the shooting.

40 little-known facts about the star of

5. At one time an actress free to create a site to learn HTML.

6. Once Stone wrote the online newsletter "Neptune" for teenage girls. She led a column of advice and wrote articles.

7. By religion Emma Stone - Lutheran.

8. For the first time it has acted in six years - it was a musical school for the Day of Thanksgiving titled No Turkey for Perky ( "No turkey for hooligans").

9. Stone seven years wore braces.

10. Stone began her career with work in a bakery for dogs.

40 little-known facts about the star of

11. As a child, Emma had panic attacks, and it inspired her to a book I Am Bigger Than My Anxiety ( "I am stronger than your fears").

12. Prior to 11 years, the girl had a habit of thumb sucking.

13. In high school, Stone made a PowerPoint presentation "Project Hollywood" for parents to allow her to become an actress. The presentation was the song Hollywood Madonna.

14. Before becoming famous, Stone covered the song Meredith Brooks Bitch in the reality show In Search of the Partridge Family ( "Looking Partridge") on VH1.

15. Emma did not go to school and studied at home for two years.

40 little-known facts about the star of

16. In 12 years, Emma went to audition for the show All That on Nickelodeon channel. It was necessary to portray several characters, and Emma decided to play a cheerleader who can not speak, and possessed a babysitter.

17. Little-known works of Emma Stone - role in the TV series "Medium" and in the movie "Malcolm in the Middle", and even the voice of the dog character in the series "All tiptop, Suite Life of Zack and Cody."

18. As a child, during gymnastics Emma broke both hands at once.

19. His business card - hoarse voice - Emma explains that in infancy too loudly screaming from severe stomach pains, torn ligaments.

20. Stone starred in the disastrous TV show Drive with Taryn Manning and Nathan Fillion (he played in the TV series "Buffy - the Vampire Slayer"). In 2007, the show closed after only four episodes. Shortly thereafter came the movie "Superbad".

40 little-known facts about the star of

21. If Emma did not become an actress, she would have gone to the journalists: "It's like a class: you look at people and understand why they work that way." 22. At school, Emma studied American Sign Language, and still occasionally uses it.

23. One day, Emma Stone went to the home of Sir Paul McCartney and actor Woody Harrelson (they starred together in the movie "Zombieland"). McCartney has prepared for them veggie burgers.

24. Emma's wrist - a tattoo with a bird's foot, because the actress with her mother loved the Beatles song Blackbird (literally - "blackbird", and in broken language - "black girl"). Sketch drawing at the request of Emma made the songwriter Paul McCartney.

25. Among the stars Emma industry most admired Diane Keaton, Lorne Michaels and Tom Hanks. Having met them in person, the actress crying.

40 little-known facts about the star of

26. Stone participated in the casting for the series "Heroes", but the role went to Hayden Panettiere. For the actress, it was the most difficult moment in a Hollywood career.

27. Emma had talks about filming in the horror film by Guillermo del Toro's "Crimson Peak", before invited to the role of Mia Wasikowska.

28. recorded on a webcam to get to the casting for the film "Easy A", it was necessary to send a film crew monologue. Emma watches recorded the same small fragment while her roommate did not offer to settle down and just send it.

29. At some party Emma played the tambourine on stage with Prince. Shortly before the performance she accidentally cut glass, so it had to play with a bleeding foot.

30. Favorite TV show Stone - TV series "Dr. Huff." Favorite book - "Raise High the Roof Beam," Salinger.

40 little-known facts about the star of

31. Actress delete my Facebook account because that hooked on the social game FarmVille (the Russian equivalent - "Happy Farmer"). 32. The shooting sex scenes for the movie "Easy A" Emma had an attack of asthma, had to use an oxygen tank.

33. Emma - a fan group Spice Girls: they have taught her "the girl's strength" (girl power). Actress most like Emma Bunton. When Stone during an interview suddenly came from another video soloist Melanie Brown, she burst into tears.

34. Stone is friends with actresses Jennifer Lawrence, Martha Makaysak and Sugar Lyn Beard. They travel together and watch a movie.

35. On the set of "Zombieland" Emma liked best to destroy everything and beat the glass storefront.

40 little-known facts about the star of

36. Before the musical "La La Land" Stone was singing in the films "The House Bunny" and "Easy A".

37. The actress made her debut on Broadway, playing in a new production of the musical "Cabaret."

38. Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling starred together in three films: "This foolish love," "Gangster Squad," and, in fact, "La La Land". Their candidates considered for the film "Focus", but ultimately starring Will Smith and Margot Robbie.

39. The best advice given to Emma Stone - "irresistibly to believe in yourself and persistently seek ways to express your true self."

40. Emma believes that her late grandfather, whom she never saw her leave for coins all over the house.