How to build a serious relationship?

Paradoxically, in today's reality, when our services are many sites and mobile applications to discover, to find a partner is becoming increasingly difficult.

How to build a serious relationship?

Psychologists have long shown that the richer choice, the harder it is to stop on something one. The wider your circle of acquaintances, the more options you have, and the less likely that you will make a decision that will make you happy. Are you afraid that making the final choice, leaving behind a much more attractive opportunities. This is the modern world of public relations, even if it is you and not to your liking.

What do you do to the person who would like to find a couple in this difficult modern world? To achieve the goal he will have to change their approach to finding a partner. So, before you are five steps to creating relations.

to clearly define what you want to

At that moment, when you understand what really want, the number of possibilities decreases by itself. While reducing the interest in the discarded options.

Limit the range of

First, delete or lock old acquaintances in your phone or social networking, even if you have not yet met anyone new. This may seem extreme, but if part of your heart still misses about someone from the past, he has no place in your new life.

You should also reduce the number of new acquaintances. Leave only one app / one website, and place a limit on the number of new proposals. Let them be not more than two or three at a time.

More strongly limit the choice if met someone suitable

Acquainted with the person with whom you think you could build a relationship, you need to immediately limit the number of the remaining meetings. Not necessarily to break off all contact, but remember that when dealing with a large number of people at the same time it is difficult to remember them all the details.

overture, completely discard other options

If you decide that this person is right for you, you must stop all contact with people who you considered as a possible alternative. Remove all software for Me, and tell those with whom you met before you are eliminated from the race. If they continue to bother you, block them. If such an approach is too extreme as for you, then you are not ready to create a pair.

Be ready to break

No matter how much you have invested, if it turns out that this man does not suit you for some reason, the relationship should be discontinued. If you do not, you will have to chase the feeling that you are losing much better opportunities, which in the end will lead you to change. Realize that the gap scares you only those that you have pity the effort. This is the psychology, not logic.

The opportunities the world may seem strange that one should limit to achieve the purpose of these features. However, from the point of view of psychology, if you want a strong monogamous relationship, you need to create an environment in which you will succeed. Of course, if that's what you want.