How to let in your life hyugge

Hyugge - funny Danish word that means the ability to appreciate the ordinary pleasures of life and enjoy the moment. This article explains why it has become so popular, and how to let hyugge in their lives.

How to let in your life hyugge

What does the word "hyugge"?

The word first appeared in written hygge Danish at the beginning of the XIX century. And it comes from the Norse "prosperity, well-being." It involves a special atmosphere and feelings associated with happiness. Detail about it in his book "Hygge. Danish secret of happiness, "the founder and director of the Danish Institute for the Study of happiness Mike Viking (Meik Wiking).

The Danish word "hyugge" can be a verb, and an adjective (hyggelig (t) - has the properties hyugge). Danes say, "How hyggeligt will come together", "What hyggelig party!", "It was so hyggeligt meet you!" "I want to spend time with you hyggelig".

Hyugge also can be added to almost any Danish word. For example, Friday night - time for familiehygge, a cozy woolen socks - hyggesokker. Thus, hyugge - a word which, by definition, Mike Viking "is not written, and feel."

Why happiness is investigating the Danes?

Denmark leads the list of the most prosperous countries in the world. Numerous opinion polls and studies have shown that the Danes are considered the happiest people in Europe. So wanting to unravel the phenomenon hyugge becomes more and more.

In Denmark there is a special hyugge tours through the parks, coffee shops, squares and streets, where you can feel happier. In many countries, there are cafes and shops in hyugge style, and one of Britain's colleges even taught a course Danish hyugge.

How exactly feel hyugge?

Mike Viking writes that hyugge lies not so much in things as in the atmosphere and feelings - a sense of home, proximity to loved ones, peace and serenity, where we feel protected and we can relax. Hyugge - the ability to appreciate the ordinary pleasures of life and enjoy the moment. In this case, your budget may (or even should) be very modest. The relationship is the opposite: the more brilliance and luxury, the less hyugge.

How to let in your life hyugge

The Danish popular songs of Benny Andersson, member of the famous Swedish group of ABBA, "Svante happy day." It just describes the ability to enjoy the simple things:

You see that in the morning!

Sun red and round.

Shower Nina sings loudly, I eat a sandwich with cheese.

Life diamonds shining drops.

BUT! That kettle whistles!

What else there are signs hyugge?

Taste hyugge - a familiar, pleasant, soothing. If the tea is with honey, if the cookie is a delicious glaze, if the stew, then with the addition of wine or some favorite seasonings.

Sound hyugge - the crackling of burning wood that shoot small sparks. Noises are heard only in silence: the sound of raindrops on the window sill, the roar of the wind outside the window, the rustling of the trees creaking wooden floorboards. It all sounds, even the rumble of thunder, but if you are in that moment, at home, in comfort and safety.

Hyugge smell - the one that brings the past back to where you were very good, comfortable and safe. The aroma of lilac, vanilla baking, wood furniture, Christmas tree, mother's perfume.

Touch hyugge - pleasant feelings that arise when swiping your finger over the soft skin, warming his hands on a hot ceramic mug, touching the surface of an old wooden table.

Hyugge see - look at the natural dark color, watch the slow natural phenomena, such as dancing tongues fire, falling snow, crawling on the glass with drops of rain.

How to still be happy?

Light the candles and dim the lights

The most important component of all prescriptions hyugge - burning candles. Not for nothing in the translation from the Danish people, spoiling all the fun - is "the one who blows out the candles." According to the Danes, the easiest way to quickly create hyugge - light a few "living lights". 28% of those surveyed by the Institute of research of happiness people in the country are doing this every day. A third of Danes prefer to light once more than five candles. Another way - to create a pleasant lighting. Around half of the year in Denmark the rain. In order to create a sense of comfort and warmth, the people of the country to equip houses islands of light. Lamps in this study should ideally warm amber light.

Create a quiet place

How to let in your life hyugge

Hyggekrog - a secluded place in the kitchen or living room, where you can comfortably spend time, have the majority of the Danes. Some realtors even suggest it as an advantage when selling the apartment.

To create such a place is perfect wide window sill, where you can put a lot of soft pillows and blankets. Here you can drink a delicious tea in the evening, watch the falling snowflakes, reading a book.

Meet with friends

Recipe for happiness in Danish is quite simple: you have to try to maintain a healthy balance between work and personal life.

How to let in your life hyugge

78% of the Danes at least once a week to meet friends, family or colleagues outside of work. Almost 60% of Danes think that the best company for hyugge - three or four people.

Meetings with friends are filled with mutual care and calmness. This is the realm of equality: no one pulls the attention of not trying to become a principal. Guests help the owner prepare meals, set the table, and then bring everything back in order. In such a relaxed atmosphere you can relax and be themselves. It is a great comfort zone, where all is well.

In order to get closer, you can create shared memories and traditions that unify the company. For example, to gather every first Sunday of the month for board games or on the first day of summer, be sure to go on a picnic to the beach.

A delicious eat

Hyugge and strict diets are not compatible. You need to pamper yourself, and this is sometimes necessary to deviate from the principles of a healthy lifestyle. Sweets, coffee, hot chocolate, thick cocoa with marshmallows, fragrant fresh pastries and jam - it hyugge. But cabbage salad - not very. The whole essence - in the sweetness of the forbidden fruit. But it should not be expensive and pretentious. Popcorn and self-cooked stew - more hyugge than foie gras or dinner at an expensive restaurant.

But keep in mind: to overeat heaviness in the abdomen - this is not hyugge.

Preparation hyugge-food - is a delight deliberation process. What is done with their own hands, especially appreciated. Bank with homemade strawberry jam you will return in the summer when you boiled the collected berries and tasted the hot foam.

If desired, you can combine two components hyugge and arrange for friends culinary club. You choose a recipe together and distribute what everyone brings. Then, for the pleasant conversations and jokes going on joint preparation and eating of meals.

Dress casually

The Danes have the talent to dress stylishly and naturally. And it is also hyugge.

How to achieve this? Buy a large scarf (this is true for everyone at any time of the year), pick up a voluminous top (sweater or cardigan thick hand-knitted), make a sloppy hairdo, practice layering (in Denmark this is true, because the weather can change over day several times).

A tie or even order a sweater Sarah Lund - perhaps the most recognizable Danish article of clothing, made famous by the TV series "Murder." Its main character is played by Sophie Grobol. Sweater actress chose itself.

Buy plaid porcelain mug an old chair or

Seven out of ten Danes believe that hyugge most likely to occur at home. But you need to create comfort. In addition to the nook, hyugge creates a fireplace, wooden and vintage items, books, blankets and pillows, all things are pleasant to the touch (eg, a soft blanket), ceramic and porcelain.

Mike advises Viking assemble set for "first-aid hyugge" which will help you relax and regain composure. This spark, a little delicious high-quality chocolate, favorite tea, a book, a film or TV series, jam, a pair of warm wool socks, sweaters, beautiful notebook, a cozy blanket, music, photo album that you love flipping.

What else can you do to feel hyugge?

1. Play a board game.

2. Invite friends and together fill the pantry. Let everyone bring some home supplies: jam or pickles. Then eat them during the joint gatherings.

3. Watch your favorite TV series or a movie at home.

4. Arrange gatherings around the campfire.

5. Watch the movie in the open air cinema.

6. Throw a party with the exchange when friends bring the things that they have not enjoyed.

7. Ride with slides.

8. Take a ride on the bike.

9. Go for a picnic in a beautiful place and do not forget to bring your homemade lemonade, pastries, fruit, bread and cheese.

10. Cook the jam.