Amazing cases of mass disappearances

Every crime leaves traces - this truth often come to the aid of investigators and criminologists. A person can not just up and vanished into thin air, and certainly this can not happen to a few people or even whole villages. Or can it? .. The strangest cases of mass disappearances of people in our material.

Eskimo village on Lake Angikuni Lake

Amazing cases of mass disappearances

It has been more than 80 years, scientists have not found an explanation for the mysterious disappearance of people in 1930 in Canada. Angikuni Lake - the name was of not only the lake but also the local fishing village located nearby. It lived about 2,000 Inuit, always joyfully privechayut travelers.

This area has been a lure for hunters and fishermen - in the vicinity beat fur-bearing animals, and miners rarely left empty-handed. Although access to Angikuni Lake was not easy, there were brave seekers, among them the Canadian hunter named Joe Labelle. He often visited those parts, and after the hunt liked to stay in the village of Inuit, to rest and gain strength.

But November 12, 1930 he was not able to warm up in a hot fire. The day was cold, so cold and scared Labelle counted the minutes to the village. At last the needle, but Joe said that around somehow suspiciously empty and quiet. He shouted a greeting, but no one answered. Joe pulled on skis to the first house and entered. Inside, there was no one, although the situation said that the residents left the house like a few minutes ago: in a pot bubbling soup, all things were in their places. Going round the whole village, Joe could not find a soul. Despite the fact that the needle were all warm clothes and weapons, food, and around the village of snow did not keep a single human footprint, despite the calm weather. Frightened, the hunter went in haste to the nearest telegraph and reported on the terrible loss of Canadian police.

A few hours later the party arrived. Several other hunters caught nearby, told me that at night saw a strange glowing object, and it seemed they had something to do with the mysterious disappearances of people in the sky.

But the grisly details were waiting for the police and hunters ahead. Firstly, the local cemetery turned completely ruined: the graves were dug up and the bodies were gone. Secondly, near the village we found the dead dogs. The Eskimos, who consider their dogs breadwinners and great value, never in my life would not have killed an entire flock, and certainly would not touch their dead.

Where are the 2000 Eskimos, why they threw all his belongings, and took no food or clothing, and it remains a mystery.

Hauer Verde Village

Amazing cases of mass disappearances

The disappearance of 600 people from a Brazilian village in 1923 is more like a horror movie than a real story. It should start with the fact that about Hoyer Verde and before her disappearance was known a little: what did you do locals like to live ... But there was a village, and there were people.

The soldiers of the national army arrived in the village, which met their silence and emptiness. Somewhere a radio was working, on the tables were the remnants of food, something which has not yet extinguished the fire. The worst thing is that the soldiers found the writing on the blackboard: "There is no escape." And nearby was found recently to shoot a gun. In fairness it should be noted that the only information about the village Hoyer on the Internet - is the story of the disappearance of, so check the authenticity of this story now quite difficult.

The ship "Cyclops"

Amazing cases of mass disappearances

"Cyclops" - an American ship named in honor of the one-eyed character of Greek mythology, was built for the US Navy for a few years before the First World War. According to the classical canons of mysterious disappearances, the ship disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle, and any remains of the bodies nor the ship was never found. Went missing 306 people, among whom were both members of the crew and passengers.

February 16, 1918 the ship left Rio de Janeiro harbor and headed toward the North Atlantic states. In addition to people, the ship was carrying 10,000 tons of manganese ore. The ship made an unscheduled stop in Barbados region due to overload (capacity "Cyclops" was only 8 ths. Tons), but no alarm is sent.

In the port of destination the ship never arrived. We put forward many theories, but none of them is not able to explain exactly how the ship was gone. It is noteworthy that during the Second World War, two "brother Cyclops" - ships "against" and "Nereus" - also disappeared, carrying the heavy metal ore, similar to the one that carried the "Cyclops". They disappeared in the same region of the Bermuda Triangle.

Islands Lighthouse Flannan

Amazing cases of mass disappearances

Flannan Islands are a small archipelago near Scotland. Today uninhabited island - since the lighthouse began to work automatically, the profession lighthouse keepers left in the past. Over the islands stands the 23-meter-high lighthouse that helps ships find their way into the dark choppy sea. In 1925, he became one of the first lighthouses in Scotland, appointed by telegraph, but a quarter of a century earlier ...

At the beginning of the century at the lighthouse had to constantly be on duty three caretaker, another was on the coast station. At each flight on the island it is replaced by one of the rangers, and took his place.

When it happened mysterious disappearance, at the lighthouse were: second assistant superintendent James Ducat (James Ducat), first mate Thomas Marshall (Thomas Marshall) and assistant Donald "Random" MacArthur (Donald "Occasional" McArthur). Three weeks prior to the incident chief superintendent Joseph Moore (Joseph Moore) left the lighthouse. According to him, everything was perfect as usual.

Amazing cases of mass disappearances

But the December 15, 1900 the steamer "Arktor" that resulted from Philadelphia to Leith, went alarm: the crew of the ship complained that from the lighthouse, there is no signal. Unfortunately, the government did not attach great importance to, and a flight to the lighthouse, which was scheduled for December 20 was canceled due to bad weather conditions.

Only December 26 Joseph Moore and the team managed to get to the lighthouse. But they had not been met, except for the bare flagpole. The gate of the lighthouse and all the doors were shut, and the keepers beds are filled, and the clock stopped. Surprisingly, lighthouse lamps were perfectly polished, they had enough fuel, a waterproof raincoat rangers hanging on their hooks. The only thing that was strange in the environment of the lighthouse - the kitchen table upside down.

Upon arrival at the base of the ship's captain reported to: "The mysterious incident occurred on the islands Flannan. Three superintendent James Ducat, Thomas Marshall and Donald "Random" McArthur completely disappeared from the island. Stop the clock and other evidence suggests that this happened about a week ago. Poor guys! They must have been blown away by the wind from a cliff or they drowned trying to fix the lifting mechanism or anything like that. " The last entry in the logbook was made at 9:00 am December 15, 1900, but before that on the night of December 14 rangers have recorded a severe storm, although none of the shore stations in the locality, and none of the ships passing by in the days up to December 16 no storm is not fixed.

version of events ranging from the mystical (aliens) to criminal and tragic (one of the rangers killed two others), but accurate information about what happened in the remote Scottish islands, does not exist.