Where in the world is terrible to live

Where in the world is terrible to live

In the world there are many nice towns, where everyone wants to get there, and where everyone dreams to live, but there are also places, from which it is better to stay away. Some of these dark and dangerous cities are notorious for obvious reasons - high levels of crime, poor ecology and so on.

But there are cities that are bad for life for very different reasons, too intolerable for most people. Although contrary to the daily horrors of some madmen and brave manage to live there all their lives and even enjoy everyday things and the world around them. In this collection you are waiting for the terrible facts, so impressionable ladies best not to continue reading. If anything, we have been warned.

10. Cleveland, Ohio (Cleveland, Ohio) - the city with the highest concentration of serial killers

Where in the world is terrible to live

For some reason, it was Cleveland becomes a hot spot on the map of the US, when it comes to serial killers. Perhaps this is one of the most dangerous and frightening places in America. And although no one can explain it, everything points to the fact that Cleveland - the world capital of serial killers. It was in Cleveland lived notorious kidnapper Ariel Castro, maniacs recent years Anthony Souvell and Michael Madison, as well as the killer of the early 20th century, Jeffrey Dahmer and never identified Cleveland Torso Murderer, principal investigator on the case which was itself Eliot Ness, who planted the legendary gangster Al Capone (Ariel Castro, Anthony Sowell, Michael Madison, Jeffery Dahmer, Eliot Ness).

Somehow in Cleveland there are always new serial killers are holding the entire city in fear of hardball. Some of these criminals have been known to dismember the bodies of their victims and hiding their remains in different rooms in your home, while others, like Ariel Castro, prefer to keep innocent people in captivity and days of torture. Some of the killers admitted that their actions are resolved, inspired by the perpetrators of the past decades, but it still does not explain why it is in such a high concentration of Cleveland serial killer. Unfortunately, the most likely reason is that the big city is a remote and isolated place, at the same time covered by the economic crisis, which ultimately affects the overall atmosphere and the psychological climate of Cleveland.

9. In Dubai, you are threatened with arrest if raped ... you have the same

Where in the world is terrible to live

Dubai - one of the largest and most important centers of the United Arab Emirates, and it is famous for its very strict and orthodox laws. Keep it all there are issues related to women and sexual activity, as it's all very well regulated by the religious traditions of Arab society. Some foreigners because of this came in very difficult circumstances during his trip to the city, it would seem, entertainment and luxury. Tourists were almost defenseless in the face of local orders, although they initially relied on the protection of the Dubai police, rather than the prosecution according to the law.

There are already at least two precedents, in which European tourists have been raped, went to the police with a complaint, and they themselves were arrested for alleged misconduct. The fact is that regardless of whether sexual intercourse occurred at your will or not, extramarital sex in the UAE - a crime. Both rape victim eventually went to jail, and police announced that the cost of tourist acquainted with the laws of the country in which they have come to rest.

The first girl was from Norway, and any innocent a tourist released after an international outcry, although initially the rape victim was sentenced to 16 months in prison for what she is admitted to extramarital sex, albeit against her will. Another case was that of the UK Civil raped in Dubai by two Englishmen. In response to her complaint that a tourist is also imprisoned. Most likely, it will be freed when the assistance of the international community. But you must admit - law according to which a rape victim taken to jail, just sounds crazy and illogical. What's the point of punishing perpetrators except in helplessness?

8. The largest city in South Africa, Johannesburg (Johannesburg), - a real hotbed of AIDS and the place where the regularly raped children

Where in the world is terrible to live

We have already warned you that this ranking offers very gloomy stories, so that further reading is at your own responsibility.

South Africa is notorious for high levels of violence that has resulted, and in addition to the massive spread of AIDS. Most acute problem is in Johannesburg, which was most recently held the World Cup FIFA. The media seriously raised the issue that the newcomers athletes and fans a great risk of becoming victims of rape and become infected during this trip terrible disease. However, the media kept silent about the terrible fact that most of the victims of violence here are just kids, and sometimes even babies.

AIDS problem is exacerbated by the fact that many locals still prefer to turn to traditional healers, instead of these qualified doctors. Sometimes healers advise patients to make absolutely absurd and fierce actions. For example, they believe that AIDS can be cured after having sex with a virgin or virgin. It is partly because of this, so many local men set about raping very young children, sometimes even babies, who sometimes only a few months old then. Desperate patients are hoping that they will recover and so be saved from death and suffering.

Incurable disease transmitted through blood and sexual by, and quite naturally, because of the folk healers AIDS councils as a result of further spread throughout the country and especially in Johannesburg. Unfortunately, the way to solve the problem have not been found.

7. Be waif in Rio de Janeiro (Rio De Janeiro) is life-threatening

Where in the world is terrible to live

recently in Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games were held, and the local authorities have done everything possible to hide from the tourists and athletes, that the city is in a terrible condition and in complete ruin. Although it is almost not possible. The city is now famous all over the world place a reputation where the robbery - is a daily matter, and you need to be alert every second, so as not to lose their own phone in the middle of a crowded street. Valuables are ripped straight from the hands.

However, as we reflect on the most obvious crimes, not everyone knows what terrible and inhumane measures have gone Brazilian authorities to clean up Rio both on a daily basis, and before the Olympic Games ...

Most often, thieves become homeless street children. Street children, many of whom barely reached 7 years of age, or begging on busy streets of Rio or inattentive robbed passers-by. They just have to do it to survive. Of course, these children are very easy to consider public threat, but most of them - alone and defenseless creatures who just like to eat. Unfortunately, many street kids become addicted because drugs - only joy in their lives. For these guys, there is no one to follow, no one cares about them, and they choose the easiest and the wrong way to deal with the daily stress and despair.

It is learned that the Brazilian police periodically conducts these raids - catches of street children in order to clear the streets of the "unpleasant and dangerous elements" and puts them in prison for no reason, where young prisoners live in the most inhuman conditions. On the basis of unconfirmed information UN commission suspects that the ministers of the rule of law sometimes kill homeless simply because it is the fastest, easiest and cheapest way to clear them from the streets. Brazil's government does not recognize this fact, but the police of the country has long been known that performs a great number of murders each year. The truth is that life on the streets of Rio de Janeiro - a very difficult and dangerous. Apparently, even a tourist this place may seem sad and even dangerous, if it is outside an expensive hotel or beaten track to the legendary statue of Christ the Redeemer.

6. The radiation exposure wild boars kept in fear of the infamous Japanese city of Fukushima (Fukushima)

We all remember the tragedy of Fukushima, but many people do not even know that this nightmare is far behind for the local residents have fled their homes because of the terrible accident. Damaged reactor still cause problems, it is still not neutralized and will continue to pollute the environment for many years. Residents of Fukushima will never be able to return to their former way of life.

At the moment, the Japanese authorities are convinced that the level of radiation in the city begins to fall. They even believe that it is possible to announce the cancellation of the status of the evacuation and return people to their abandoned houses just 6 years after the disaster at the nuclear power plant. However, some signs point to the fact that the tragedy is far from over, and it may be too late to restore the city.

Perhaps the citizens are not so much concerned about the level of radiation, but now Fukushima suffers from another problem - in the deserted town began to arrive forest dwellers. Forest almost comes to the ruins of orphaned houses and wild animals settled in the empty buildings. Many owners are concerned that wild boars, bred in the background radiation, took home residents and in no hurry to leave it. By nature, these creatures tend to be more fearful, but it seems that radiation made them aggressive and fearless, making a return to Fukushima rather dangerous undertaking. To make matters worse, there are a number of conflicting studies that radiation catastrophe impact on thyroid problems among local children, who lived here at the time of the accident. While some scientists believe that the poor health of the Japanese people in this town was before the disaster. In any case, life of Fukushima and its citizens now never be the same.

5. Canadian London, Ontario (London, Ontario), and increased the percentage of serial killers per capita

Where in the world is terrible to live

In the period from 1959 to 1984, a small Canadian town of London has received the status of the village with the highest concentration of serial killers in the world. According to all available data from the London Ontario was the most populated city of maniacs in the world in the history of mankind. At the time when this place was in the hands of many killers there at least 29 violent deaths. Only 13 of these crimes have been solved, and it turned out that they were committed by three different villains.

Detective named Dennis Alsop (Dennis Alsop), who worked on these matters, led the personal diary and mentioned in it and its work on this terrible crime. investigator notes were scrutinized academic staff of the University of Western Ontario (University of Western Ontario), and they suggested that the unsolved murders could be committed four more criminals, hunted almost simultaneously and use similar methods. The researchers also say that even if the remaining 16 people lost their lives in just one serial killer, London still retains its unfortunate title of city champion. Nowhere in the world is no longer as much rampaged serial killers at the same time as it is here.

Criminal activity has since clearly subsided as all dangerous criminals either died or were arrested, and, fortunately, failed to pass his life's work to the new generation of madmen. Yet the most important question remains unanswered ... Why such a modest Canadian town in a few years has become home to so many cruel murderers?

4. Residents of Pyongyang (Pyongyang) every morning, suffering from terrible electronic music

Where in the world is terrible to live

Everyone knows that the government of North Korea belongs to the dictatorial dynasty, and the reign most severe and extremely inhuman laws in this country. Even the most privileged citizens, perfect worshipers of party politics, still have to endure daily circumstances that any one of us would be ticked off as soon as possible.

Let's start with the fact that the North Koreans are required to keep the house the portraits of all the leaders of the country, including both current and past its leaders. Nobody is allowed to turn its back on these portraits. This, of course, applies to dictators pictures in public places. In addition, the North Korean authorities have decided that its citizens need every morning to remind the dead rulers, considered the country's real gods.

Every morning for the whole Pyongyang is playing opera music, and city residents are awakened by the terrible sounds of the electronic version of the song "Where are you, my dear general," from an opera written by the late Kim Jong Il (Kim Jong Il). The original composition does not sound so bad, but its electronic version, broadcasted over loudspeakers throughout the city, more reminiscent of music from the horror. In addition to the macabre "alarm clock" North Koreans are forced to listen to all day long record of political propaganda. Suddenly, someone forgot something, or misunderstood? It is necessary to repeat. And so all my life ...

3. The Mexican city Ekatepek (Ecatepec) - this is a terrible place, where it is constantly disappearing women and girls

Where in the world is terrible to live

Residents of the Mexican town and municipality Ekatepek used to hearing about the constant armed robberies, and more recently the Minister of Internal Affairs across the country issued a special warning regarding this particular city. When in Mexico, paid a visit to the Pope, he also drove in Ekatepek to see for yourself just how bad things of this place. No wonder the city is often called the incredibly dirty and disgusting, and it seems that the local residents have long resigned to the situation, just give up and do not appreciate their home. But the worst thing that you should know about this place, is that here the highest death rate and disappearances of young girls in all of Mexico. Mother constantly turning to the police for help in finding daughters and never returned home with a satisfactory answer. Some of the parents' response, the police reported that the body of the child was found in the sewers, but the police never provide any physical evidence that lies in the morgue was their daughter. All over the city hang ads to help find the missing girl or provide parents with at least some information that will help the family reunite.

With some fathers and mothers communicate cartel members and require their child a huge ransom. If it turns out that the family does not have the requested amount of money, the girls simply hang up. Many citizens terribly worried that their daughter will require backbreaking ransom and then kill a child, or sold into slavery. Most locals dreamed Ekatepek leave and leave behind all its horrors, but poverty does not allow them to move to a safer place. Miserable accounts conquer the hardships of life in this dreadful city each day until the end of life.

2. Onitsha (Onitsha) - Nigerian city with the most polluted air in the world

Where in the world is terrible to live

When we wonder about the most polluted cities in the world, thoughts usually lead us somewhere in China or India. However, the truth is that it is Nigeria became the current leader on environmental issues. The reason lies in the fact that in recent years this country has significantly pulled ahead in terms of development, and special attention is paid namely industrial production. For nature and its citizens, this means a large-scale environmental pollution, and Onitsha feel it for yourself among the other cities of the country. Today it is the air is unfit for life in the world. Large and small particles of dust and ash are almost everywhere, and from them will not escape. In addition, the sanitary norms in almost not observed, and everywhere are piles of garbage. The main reason for the disaster in Onitsha is a rapidly developing industrialization, and in this city there are plants of almost all industrial areas, which can be imagined. If we add to this weak government control over the observance of standards of quality and safety, in the end, you will inevitably get the city in which it is simply dangerous to breathe, and the situation here does not change for a few more generations.

However, local residents this is not very experienced. Maybe they just careless or become accustomed to this state of affairs, although for the most part they have no other choice. Recently, the prestigious magazine The Guardian conducted a poll in Onitsha about what citizens think about the environmental situation, and the majority of respondents did not consider air pollution a serious problem.

However, the failure or lack of knowledge about the dangers of industrial emissions not negate the fact that the local people are already suffering from poor air. This is especially noticeable in infant mortality. Still wondering how talented people in psychological adaptation to almost any environment. For those who lived in Onitsha always hear that their city - the most dirty and dangerous in the world, was a big surprise.

1. Mumbai - Indian city, struggling with his garbage flooding the

Today, Mumbai is almost buried under mountains of debris, and the Government of India are desperately seeking a way out of this situation. The problem so serious that every day hundreds of garbage trucks lined up in a long queue to take on a new waste dump portion. Landfill is almost crowded to the limit, and the other two large dumps of Mumbai is no longer able to accept new municipal waste. Someone suggested to organize a new landfill, but there is a justified fear that it will not solve the problem, but only make it worse. The thing is that in Mumbai and other Indian cities, waste processing system simply does not exist. Virtually any debris is constantly loaded into trucks and transported to the landfill. waste problem has become so severe that they began to flood the streets, and some citizens try to get rid of waste, burning it in the middle of Mumbai, thereby only exacerbating the ecological disaster, and further polluting the city air. Experts are worried that if the authorities decide to open a new landfill, the crisis will only intensify as necessary to solve the essence of the problem, not its appearance.

Experts believe that if the country's industrialization process and will continue to continue to increase its growth, the country will simply vital to open centers for the processing of waste and to introduce into society a responsible attitude habit of household waste in order to reduce their number. Provided changes in the thinking of ordinary people and the introduction of appropriate infrastructure in theory, even such a large and fast-paced city like Mumbai, in the end still be able to win this war junk.