Hitler's secret bunker

• The secret of Hitler's bunker

Hitler's secret bunker

Bunkers World War II have long been top-secret facility, the existence of which the unit knew. But they have signed a non-disclosure documents. Today, the veil of secrecy over the military bunkers ajar.

"Wolf's Lair"

Hitler's secret bunker

Wolfsschanze (it. Wolfsschanze, Russ. Wolf's Lair), was the main hopper and the headquarters of Hitler, there was the Fuhrer longwall rate and command set of the Supreme Command of the German Armed Forces.

German leader spent here more than 800 days. This place was carried out management attack on the Soviet Union and the military operations on the Eastern Front.

Bunker "Wolf's Lair" was located in the woods Gierłoż 8 km from Kętrzyn. Its construction began in the spring of 1940 and proceeded in three phases until the winter of 1944. The building was attended by 2-3 thousand workers. The work was done "Organization Todt".

"Wolf's Lair" was not a local bunker, and the whole system of hidden objects, according to its size more closely resembles a small secret city area of ​​250 hectares. The territory had several levels of access, its towers surrounded with barbed wire, minefields, machine guns and anti-aircraft positions. In order to go to the "Wolf's Lair" it was necessary to go through three security post.

Clearance "Wolf's Lair" army of Poland lasted almost until 1956, all combat engineers was found about 54 thousand and 200 thousand minutes of ammunition.

For masking object air Germans used masking grid layouts and trees, which are periodically updated in accordance with changes in the terrain. To control the masking regime object photographed from the air. "Wolf's Lair" in 1944 served 2000 people, from field marshals to stenographers and mechanics. In the book "The Fall of Berlin" British author Anthony Beevor claims that the Fuhrer left the "Wolf's Lair" November 10, 1944. Hitler went to Berlin for an operation on his throat, and December 10 moved to the "Adlerhorst" ( "Eagle's Nest"), other sensitive rate. In July of the same year, Hitler's "Eagle's Nest" was made an unsuccessful attempt.

The evacuation of the German command of the "Wolf's Lair" was made at the last moment, three days before the arrival of the Red Army. January 24, 1945, Keitel ordered the destruction rate. However, easier said than done. bunker ruins still exist.

Interestingly, although the location of the "Wolf's Lair" US intelligence was aware as early as October 1942, for all time of its existence has not been made any attempt to attack Hitler's headquarters from the air.


Hitler's secret bunker

"Werewolf" (another name "Ayhenhayn" ( "oak grove")), a hopper, located eight kilometers Vinnitsa was another bet of the High Command of the Third Reich. Hitler moved here the General Staff and the bet of the "Wolf's Lair" July 16, 1942.

"Werewolf" started to build in autumn 1941. Construction supervised all the same "Organization Todt," but built bunker mainly Soviet prisoners of war who were later shot. According to local lore, history researcher Yaroslav rates Branko Germans involved in the construction of 4086 prisoners. At the memorial to those killed during the construction of "Werewolf" established by the highway Vinnitsa, Zhitomir listed 14,000 victims.

Bunker acted in the spring of 1942 until the spring of 1944, when the Germans during the retreat blew up the entrances to the "Werewolf". Bunker was a complex of several floors, one of which was on the surface. Its territory has been more than 80 ground targets and a few deep concrete bunkers.

Vinnitsa industry provides vital activity rates. Especially for Hitler in the "Werewolf" was arranged kitchen garden farming.

There was a power station, a water tower, was located near a small airfield. Defended the "Werewolf" a lot of machine-gun and artillery calculations, the air is covered zetnitnye guns and fighters based on Kalinovsky airfield.


Hitler's secret bunker

ADN-ZB / Archiv

Fyurerbunkere is a complex of underground facilities beneath the Reich Chancellery in Berlin. It was the last refuge of the German Fuhrer. Here, he and several other Nazi leaders committed suicide. It was built in two phases, in 1936 and 1943.

The total area of ​​the bunker was 250 square meters. There has 30 rooms for various purposes, from conference rooms to Hitler's personal toilet. Hitler first visited this rate of November 25, 1944. After March 15, 1945, he never left the bunker only once got to the surface - April 20 - to honor the members of the Hitler Youth of Soviet tanks lined.

At the same time he has made his last lifetime filming.