The most effective way to exercise the brain

The most effective way to exercise the brain

Currently, there are dozens of online courses and applications that promise you improvement in mental abilities, but little which of them can boast the scientific confirmation of their promises. The problem is that currently there is no organization, certification programs thinking training.

President specializing in brain-fitness company Posit Science Manske Henry (Henry Mahncke) believes that the existence of such an organization would greatly facilitate the life of the ordinary man in the street, which is quite difficult to figure out on their own in the scientific validity of the proposed programs.

Recently, a group of Australian scientists has taken a systemic study on the market thinking training programs in order to find out which of them have scientific proof of their effectiveness. Unfortunately, it turned out that of the 18 computerized programs only seven confirmed at least one published work, and only two - a few papers. They are led by Mansky BrainHQ program and its competitor Cognifit, but only BrainHQ confirmed by several scientific studies of high quality.

The results of the Australian show that the majority of brain training programs only teach you how to better deal offered by them exercise, but has no effect on your productivity and mental acuity in real life.

The key to the result - neuroplasticity

But there is good news. According to scientific data, some thinking training program is still running. What of them? As shown by the Australian study, BrainHQ and Cognifit program brings real benefits. Both are focused on improving the speed and accuracy with which the brain processes information. The training is based on the visual system. At a fraction of seconds you will show the image in the center of the field of view, and another - on the edge of peripheral vision. Then you should answer that you saw in the center (for example, a car or a truck) and to what point is the peripheral image. As soon as you deal with the tasks and their complexity increases. Thus, you load your visual system, causing it to run faster and more accurately. During solving these specific visual tasks your brain adapts to it in a process called neuroplasticity (neuro - relating to the nervous system, and plasticity - the ability to make structural changes).

Manske explains:

"The main purpose of the brain - to solve the problem. He constantly moves from the small details to the big picture and vice versa. When the brain is working on assembling together the big picture, it is subjected to neyroplasticheskoy transformation. "

So, in the course of plastic transformation in the brain do form new neural connections, which can then be used to solve real life problems. That is why the training, causing these changes to work better than simple games on memory improvement. As a result of the passage you just can not remember where the picture is hidden red car, but will become more able to perceive the important details of everyday life.

But what if you do not want to spend money for the passage of commercial software? Henry Manske gave some tips on how you can whip up your brain, loading it in everyday life.

Explore the new skills outside of your comfort zone

Mere repetition of the same challenging tasks will not lead to the desired result. If you are already 10 years old is solved crosswords - go do something new, dramatically different, and dedicate a new occupation for at least 2-3 hours a week, even if it seems difficult. According to Manske, his mother began to take lessons on the harp, and a lot of practice. "It's been incredibly helpful to her brain: the speed and accuracy of listening, as well as the movement of the fingers is a good form of brain exercise - and besides, everyone in the house can enjoy the music."

Select a circuitous path and pay attention to every detail of the

Not want to modify your hobby, you start learning a new musical instrument? No problem, take a trip. Travel - a great way to load the brain changes and learning new things, because everything in the trip is different from everyday life.

If you do not have money for a ticket to Italy, just lay fresh routes in the vicinity of the house. Find a new way to the grocery store or a circuitous route to his favorite park. Try to notice all the new guidelines, pay attention to the sounds and smells, and gather together the more detailed mental picture of the surroundings.

When this path will be familiar - find another, and do so every few days. It attracts the hippocampus - the basis of memory and learning.

Be active and eat properly

Do not forget about the body. According to Manske, the body will be difficult to maintain the sharpness of thinking if they have to spend resources to combat the problems of the body, such as high blood pressure. So limit your salt intake and go for a run, and you can combine exercise with the exercise of the brain every few days changing the running route.

Beware of mind training programs that give too beautiful promises

Manske believes that we are at the beginning of the path changes scientific understanding of the functioning of the brain. This process will be accompanied by screaming headlines about breakthroughs in cognitive performance, one month gives way to other screaming headlines that tell the opposite. In fact, we see a reflection of how scientists are trying to separate the wheat from the chaff.

Some of the programs offered training thinking over and over again demonstrate its effectiveness, while others are placed on the market only for profit. Choose the programs that have been developed by these experts and supported by scientific research, and be wary of those that spend more money on advertising than on research.