"I just did not want him to go." Stories maniacs who tried to create the perfect sex slave

Deep down, maybe, every person, whether man or woman, in times of great emotional stress, after breaking up with your partner, anger at the whole world or just a secret nocturnal fantasies in an empty apartment ever dreamed to have a complete and unlimited control over another person.

Even though the fantasy of an ideal partner for sex, which is always ready to unconditionally comply with any orders and desires of the owner, is though not publicized, but, according to psychologists is quite common in the ninety-nine and nine per cent of the inhabitants of our planet, such thoughts They have the character of "temporary cloud" and never implemented. However, the statement above is applicable only in relation to healthy people with adequate mechanisms of self-control and socialization in the society. But what happens when such desires arise in the mind of a sick psychopath and escalate into mania? Then the blood is shed. In this article, we will tell you about a few horrible maniacs, who put their lives (as well as the lives of dozens of his victims) out to create for yourself the perfect sex slave.

1. craniotomy and acid in the brain

Jeffrey Dahmer, the monster of Milwaukee, as it is dubbed the press, is still considered one of the most gruesome serial killers in the United States. Jeffrey a child suffering from a complex mixture of mental pathologies, and even as a child, he loved to collect on the track downed animals to see how and what they have inside. When Dahmer ignominiously expelled from the army for inappropriate behavior, he was clearly aware that men are attracted to it much more than women. And although at the time of male homosexuality flourished in America, and the Jeffrey had a rather attractive appearance, personal life in the future maniac did not go well. Dahmer dreamed that he was a man, completely subservient to his will, which he could use as he pleases.

When he was driving drunk one night in the car on a deserted road in the upset, then I picked up a young hitchhiker on the road, who voted on the sidelines. The conversation with the future victim, Dahmer Man brought home, where strangled tie, and then a long and carefully amused with his body. After this incident, a maniac, finally realized that his dreams can become a reality. He found the guys in gay bars, ready to go to his house for an erotic photo shoot for the money, he treated them with alcohol and drugs, and then proceeded to his experiments. In order to suppress the will of man, Dahmer, unfamiliar with medicine, he drilled their living victims drill skull and poured acid into the hole, thinking that such a measure will make them more manageable.

2. bdsm from hell

David Parker Ray, who gave journalists the nickname "killer with a toy box", shocked the state of New Mexico, after he was convicted of multiple rapes and murders. Ray, who at the time of his arrest had three children, was arrested on suspicion of forty - sixty episodes of abduction, abuse, torture and murders of women. Maniac has not regretted money on something to buy and own a trailer equipped with sound insulation and a whole set of surgical instruments and sado-masochistic sex toys, which he affectionately called "toy box."

Investigators removed from the trailer lashes, belts, chains, needles, clamps, scalpels, stun, surgical saws, and blocks for hanging a plurality of other such ammunition, including homemade electric generator, and converted pads gynecological chair. More police shocked by the fact that the crimes of David Parker Ray gladly attended his girlfriend Cindy Lee Handy and his daughter Jesse Ray. Trinity abducted women, who were kept in the trailer, was repeatedly raped them all the way, holding the host from a couple weeks to a few months, after which a killed or drugged to erase the memory, and thrown on the deserted roads. Incidentally, in the English-language Internet recently leaked transcript of record on four cassettes, which David Ray "carefully" lost their victims as a "briefing". The film lasts a little more than twenty minutes, and contains a description of what awaits girls, and instructions on how it was necessary to maintain, in order to survive themselves.

3. Good Injun - Dead Injun

In contrast to the heroes of our previous article, serial killer Dennis Nilsen from England decided not to tinker with in order to control a living person, and followed the good old principle of "good Indian - a dead Indian." Nielsen, who was suffering from loneliness, instead of torturing victims in life, quickly and painlessly kill them, and then went on to have a good time with dead bodies. Police question about why he killed her lovers, and then sleep with them in bed, drinking afternoon tea and watching TV, Nilsson said that every time he just did not want to like the man left.