Movies about Princess Diana

• Movies about Princess Diana

Movies about Princess Diana

August 31, 1997 Princess Diana died in a Paris car crash along with Dodi al-Fayed and driver Henri Paul. Al-Fayed and Paul were killed on the spot, and Diana, delivered to the site of the accident in the Salpetriere hospital, died two hours later.

After the death of Princess left a lot of mysteries, so her identity continues to interest filmmakers and screenwriters. We have 5 movies that tell about the life of Diana.

"Charles and Diana: royal love story" 1982

The film was released a year after the wedding of Diana and Charles. Diana personally looked a picture and gave positive feedback. The film shows a wedding and love story of newlyweds.

"Charles and Diana: short and unfortunate" 1992

Another reading of the royal love story. In this film, Princess Diana played by actress Catherine Oxenberg - star of TV series "Dynasty." By coincidence premiere took place a few days after the couple announced their separation.

"Diana - Queen of Hearts", 1998

The documentary, which was released a year after the death of Lady Di. Queen of Hearts - so called Diana of her fans around the world for its good heart. The film tells the story of two princesses novels.

"Diana: The last days of Princess", 2007

TV movie about the last weeks of the life of a princess. The film is based on interviews and comments of close friends of Diana. Particularly interesting, this picture shows the last day of the tragic life of Lady Diana.

"Diana: A Love Story", 2013

One of the latest feature film of the Princess is based on the bestseller Keith Snell, and tells the story of Diana's life after breaking up with Charles. The main role is played by Naomi Watts.