What has been married life in Russia

Slightly fornicate, slightly postegivat, married three times, not more ... It's about my husband. But his wife? We talk about how to build a married life in peasant Russia in the conditional "Middle Ages."

What has been married life in Russia

Skinny wives do not take

What has been married life in Russia

anemic girls at our ancestors were not quoted: it turns barren or unable to bear a child. Thinness was considered equivalent to pain and a sick wife in the household is not needed. And the well-being of the parents, since failed to fatten, been questioned.

A mole on the cheek, and in the eyes of love ...

Sense something ... Now a mole on the cheek - a synonym for beauty, and before those owners (and indeed had some marks on the body: birthmarks, scars, bruises, not to mention the serious injuries) marriage did not take. Runny or hoarseness could also affect the opinion of matchmakers, so their arrival girl urgently put in order.

There was a healthy, become thin

What has been married life in Russia

However, sometimes vice versa: a healthy bride "port" - as, for example, in the royal Romanov family. When Mikhail Fedorovich got accustomed to wife a poor noblewoman Maria Kholopov, it happened an unexpected illness "vomited and broke the insides and was swollen. And after it was vomit. " Frustrated bride with family exiled to Tobolsk. A girl only with the filing of the groom mother nun Marfa, slipped stale sweets with whipped cream and sour cream.

to dress up to the output of

What has been married life in Russia

If the girl can not leave alone in the wall of the parent at home, married woman had no right to go anywhere, even in church, without the permission of her husband. But, if we leave the family nest, then in full regalia: nasurmiv eyebrows and painted her Nabeul, "though so grossly and visibly that it seems as if someone had a handful of flour on their face and brush cheeks painted in red paint." Wife of noble people traveled in a closed carriage, covered with red taffeta, where "sat with the splendor of the goddesses." The horse was decorated with fox tails. Near henchmen fled.

quilted - alone

What has been married life in Russia

"Domostroy" (a set of rules and instructions of the XVI century) has introduced some restrictions on familiar relationships. Beat his wife recommended "not to the people alone to teach" - "whip politely beat, holding hands." Sounded in the collection, and other call to humanity, "neither of vision does not bat or a heart with his fist or a kick or staff not to beat, no iron or wooden." Because someone "with the heart or with Kruchina so has a lot of parables are: blindness and deafness, and arm and a leg and dislocated a finger, and glavobolie and dental disease, and in pregnant women and detem harmed happens in the womb." Foreigners were amazed that with all that, "Russian wife frequent beating and scourging saw heartfelt love, and in their absence - the dislike and aversion to her husband."

The night with another woman - fornication, adultery, and not

What has been married life in Russia

If a married spend the night with another woman, it is not adultery, but just fornication. Adulterer is one who was on the side of long-term relationship with another man's wife or a mistress and children by her. However, considering other options - for example, in "Justice metropolitan" (XII century) described the two wives, living with a husband, and in the "Tale of the murder of Daniel Suzdal and the beginning of Moscow" (XVII century), two "son of Red" Boyar Five "zhysha with the princess in a devilish lust sotoninskim law svyazavshisya, depressed body of his prodigal lovingly pohotnoyu abomination to commit adultery. ' Invalid shall be fined for the benefit of the church. Convicted of adultery married woman to be the whip bit and then spend a few days in the monastery, eating bread and water. After which it has a second husband for running the house work. Her husband also, forgive the whore, should be punished.

guests - vodka and kiss

What has been married life in Russia

Dear visitor, after a feast waiting for dessert. As a sign of special respect and love for him came out magnificently dressed wife of the owner, and personally served glass of vodka. Here is how this ritual Holstein Ambassador Adam Oleary, in 1643 who was visiting Count Leo Shlyahovskogo: "We were out of his wife, a very pretty face ... and accompanied by maids, carrying a bottle of vodka and a glass of. Upon entering she first bowed her head before her husband, and then in front of me, told me to pour a goblet, sipped it and then brought it to me, and so up to three times. After that, the Count wanted me to kiss her. Not being accustomed to this honor, I only kissed her hand. He, however, wanted me to kiss her in the mouth. So I, in respect to a higher person, had to accept this consonant with their traditions of honor. "

snokhachestvo - venial sin

"Nowhere, it seems, except Russia, does not have at least that one kind of incest has acquired the character of an almost normal everyday phenomenon, appropriate technical name - snokhachestvo" - wrote Vladimir Nabokov. This phenomenon, when in-law lived with his wife's son, was distributed in full in Russian villages. Contributed to his long absences departing soldiers or men of earnings. Prone to cohabit persuasion or threats remain in someone else's house a young father of a family almost always succeeded. In people, it is not condemned, treated with understanding, he said: "in-law loves. He lives there with his wife both liked it. "

I'm tired of his wife - go to the monastery of

What has been married life in Russia

If family life is quite went wrong, and for peace between husband and wife there is no hope, then one of them may go to a monastery. If the husband goes, and his wife to marry again, who retired can become a priest, even if the first beer brewed. If the wife is barren, then sending it to the monastery, a man is entitled to six weeks to get married again.

The Code of Practice "dissolve" (divorce), part of the "Charter of Yaroslav" (the XIII century), the reasons cited his divorce from his wife: in the case of adultery, confirmed by witnesses; for communication with strangers without permission; for an attempt on the life of the husband or failure of the threat of such. The wife, in turn, could ask for a divorce, if the faithful "slanderously accused her of treason" (without proof). The reason could also be a long unknown absence of the second half, when the location is unknown.

The fourth marriage - beyond the law

What has been married life in Russia

St. Gregory the Theologian said: "The first marriage - law, the second - ponuzhe forgiveness for human weakness, and the third - transgression, the fourth - dishonest, Inasmuch as there are swinish life." Nevertheless, widowers and divorced to marry - and a third, and fourth time. Church, though the third marriage and decried, but still thought it was better than living in sin. But the fourth start a family is definitely considered illegal. Marriage was subjected to immediate termination, and the priest, marry a couple, even through ignorance, deprived of dignity.

Do you want a wife - the curtain icon

Execution of marital debt, even though it was a matter of legitimate, preferred not to offend the Lord. Before we get down to business, shot pectoral cross. If the room is hung with icons of the faces of the saints, they are carefully veiled. On this day it was preferable not to attend church, and if there is an overwhelming need, only carefully obmyvshis and dressed in clean.

Widow - head of the family

A woman who lost her husband and never to marry, to automatically obtain all the rights, which has been deprived of marriage. She manages the property, became a full-fledged mistress in his house and the head of the family, if any. In a society widow respected.