What kind of men should be avoided

What kind of men should be avoided

The traditional patriarchal society it was thought that the man - the head of the family, and a woman should meekly obey and satisfy the desire of his master. And if you are a modern free woman (of those considered normal sex before marriage, and work - after), the partner must be chosen very carefully and at the stage of candy buketno-bed period to calculate the individual to live with that you will be unbearable, and that after the inevitable parting you will be called not only as "crazy", "arm" and "a bad person".

It's too hurry

Girlfriends telling you, it was love at first sight or a mad passion. But if it is too soon starts to talk about the future together, do not know you better, not lived with you for a year, and you at the same time feel that you like to something forced, it could mean that he wants as quickly as possible to lay you to hands. Victim it is vital to command and conquer, and when a number of freedom-loving woman, the manipulator once it becomes sad and uninteresting. Therefore, if the life of your favorite - an endless series of short- and long-term relationships, and he does not remember the last time I had one, a closer look: perhaps he is the one who you do not need.

In fact, it is good, but sometimes ...

Most of the time he is white and fluffy, but the thunder when he's not like something. At such moments, you do not recognize it, and can not control. If you doubt the objectivity of their perception, then try to take him out of himself, and make personal experience in what could turn his rage: accusations, quarrels, and, perhaps, and assault and battery.

mood swings

Now he's in a good mood and it seems an angel in the flesh, but in the next second turns into a hell spawn and sweeps away everything in its path. You might think: "Do not worry, we are all imperfect, we are all beside ourselves sometimes, and sometimes happen are unbearable." In some ways you are right, but when it happens to you, then you have a good reason - "These days", and in it - this is the first sign of manic-depressive psychosis. And when the artist realizes his mistake, he quickly recalls, becoming sweet and gentle as the spring sun ... and you immediately melts.

He does not share the details of their relationship with other women

And it's not fair. You told him in detail what, how and why you did not work with the former, prebiospheres and everyone else. It's because you are frank person, you have nothing to hide, and you sincerely want to help him avoid the mistakes that are made in the relationship. Scoundrel is never introduces you to the ex-mates, so you do not make friends and do not know that "monster", which, in fact, he lived the last six years actually worked for three, and he played all day in tanchiki.

He tries to embroil you with your friends

This energovampir will limit your communication with the outside world, always trying to bind you to him, to settle the belief that to survive in this world, you can only with them. He wants you to completely and fully belonged only to him, and will make every effort to limit contact. He not aware that there is a circle of people, communication with them is very important, and of course in addition to your relationship: it's friends, colleagues and parents. But you never more important things in the world, except for the family and her husband! Therefore, if you begin to notice that your friend looks at you askance, but friends no longer entice you to parties, because this despot takes you home at ten o'clock, it means that your man does not suit them. And if there will not be a loving and caring friends, who will tell you what your choice - the commander with a tendency to lord it over the people?

A pathological liar

A psychopath can not be absolutely honest. He lies skillfully and unobtrusively, but small inconsistencies in the stories you can expose the truth. He always has an excuse, even in situations where it is not required. He comes up with another lie faster than you have time to ask a question. If you notice that it behaves as something unnatural or controversial, it is an alarming sign. A certain fraction of guile, of course, is always present in the relationship (for example, it may surprise you to cook and do not want you to found out his secret). But if you do it every day feeling that you are deceived, why live with this feeling until the end of his days. In addition, these scoundrels love the game, "accused another of all mortal sins," never repent, do not confess their mistakes, like all normal people. So, if a man bother you with compliments (which you are unsure, do not deserve), showering gifts (causing the feeling that you are buying) is not advised since you always want to know where you are and what you do, and everything, and always decides himself (on the simple grounds that he, you know, a man), then it is likely a maniac and a brilliant manipulator. And decides to stay with him or leave, you have now: the only thing you can not have in excess and then you no one will return - this time and nerves. You - not the favorite puppet, a person who wears the pants, too, and has a right to vote.