Products, which are harmful to your teeth

When we eat any food, how often do we think about the health of their teeth? No, of course, there are moments of illumination when we try to split a nut shell teeth or removing the lid from a bottle, and this, perhaps, everything. However, our teeth need the same careful treatment, as well as any other part of our body, so do not forget about their health. We invite you to learn about the 10 most unexpected foods that spoil our teeth.

Products, which are harmful to your teeth Products, which are harmful to your teeth

1. Dried

For many dried fruits have long since become a useful alternative to a variety of sweets. They do contain a lot of vitamins and minerals, but on the health of your teeth, they have a very negative impact.

The fact that dried fruits contain sugar, but she chewing texture of dried apricots, prunes and other dried fruit literally sticks this sugar to the teeth, causing the destruction of enamel and caries formation. To avoid this, try brushing your teeth after eat these products.

Products, which are harmful to your teeth

2. Citrus

Another category of products that are associated with proper nutrition is a citrus fruit and juice from them. The high content of vitamin C maintains health of the organism, but the acids, which are rich in citrus fruits, destroy tooth enamel.

After you eat an orange or grapefruit, in any case, do not brush your teeth, otherwise the risk to clean off all of the enamel. It is best to rinse your mouth with water and do not eat anything for 20-30 minutes. Thus acid has time to be neutralized without damaging the teeth.

And one more thing. If you drink the juice of citrus fruits, it is best to use a straw. This also applies to many favorite water with lemon, which also contains a lot of acid.

Products, which are harmful to your teeth

3. White wine

When it comes to drinks, harmful to the teeth, the first in the list are coffee and red wine. They really cause a change in color of the enamel, but not so much harm to her, such as white wine.

It contains various acids which contribute to the destruction of tooth enamel. Furthermore, any alcoholic drinks cause dehydration of the oral cavity, and the less saliva is released, the larger pieces of food remain on the teeth and between them.

In order to best protect your teeth, you are advised to drink a glass of water after every glass of wine. This helps avoid the acid and wash away the thickening saliva, maintaining healthy teeth and oral cavity.

Products, which are harmful to your teeth

4. Carbonated beverages

This category of drinks is better to completely eliminate from the diet, since any benefit from the sweet drinks do not. And do not believe that drinks with a mark less harmful light. Dental health, they have the same negative impact as the classic versions of the same beverage.

Products, which are harmful to your teeth

5. Tomato sauce

All types of tomato sauces cause serious damage to the health of teeth. Their acidic pH destroys tooth enamel, and a saturated red pigment rapidly penetrates into it, causing browning of teeth. Try to eat tomato sauces very metered, combining them with neutral products, such as fish, meat or vegetables.

Products, which are harmful to your teeth

6. Ice

On a hot day, treat yourself to a nice cool drink, chewing small pieces of ice falling into the mouth. But, first, the ice is too cold can cause excessive tooth sensitivity. Secondly, the solid structure of the ice easily lead to cracking and chipping of the teeth enamel. We advise you to refrain from such experiments and do not chew the ice of cocktails.

Products, which are harmful to your teeth

7. Nuts and seeds

With nuts and seeds, we recommend to be especially careful to those who already have problems with their teeth. Because of its dense structure of these products can lead to chipped teeth and damage existing fillings and crowns. If you wear braces at this time, the nuts and seeds should be completely eliminated.

Products, which are harmful to your teeth

8. Chips and crackers

Crackers and chips - are popular snacks, consisting of fast carbohydrates that are under the influence of saliva is converted to glucose, are harmful to the teeth. Add to that a viscous texture and a kind of "flour" coating that remains on the surface of the teeth after you eat these products.

In order to minimize the harm of various purchased snacks, try to always brush your teeth or rinse your mouth after eating. This will help remove plaque and keep oral health.

9. Popcorn

Popcorn effect on our teeth about the same as chips and crackers. However, it is fraught with danger and other. The fact that those corn kernels that do not burst during cooking popcorn can damage the teeth, as well as existing fillings and crowns, so be careful.