The most famous killer of 90-ies

• The most famous killer of 90-ies of

formation period was given to our country is very difficult. Since the beginning of the 1990s riots in power and the general state of public structures allow gangs feel safe. Almost every criminal groups had its own full-time killer - a ruthless and skillful liquidator who is ready to do anything for money. Some of these people have become true legends of his time. Most of them are still alive.

The most famous killer of 90-ies

Alex Soldier

Real name: Alex Sherstobitov

12 kills

Son hereditary personnel officer, Alexei Sherstobitov knew how to handle weapons from an early age. After a short period of service in the bodies of Alexei Medvedkovo over to the OPG, where he became a full-time killer. Lesch-soldier worked pretty handicraft: the first order he failed, although the elimination of weapons selected grenade. Sherstobitov differed a good imagination - so, for custom bank assassination of President "Russian gold" he built in the trunk of the car remotely controlled firing point with a Kalashnikov assault rifle. Now Alex Soldier serving the 23 years in a penal colony.

The most famous killer of 90-ies

Sasha Soldier

Real name: Alexander Pustovalov

35 kills

The main killer Orekhovskaya OPG. After the army, Alexander wanted to get to Moscow SWAT and even asked to fight in Chechnya, but the soldier was offered a patrol service - there was no higher education. From this work Pustovalov refused and came to the attention "Orekhovskaya". Alexander was distinguished by the sharpness, the ability to find a way out of the most difficult traps and ruthless attitude towards the victims. It is believed that Sasha-soldier tracked down and killed Alexander the Great. August 17, 2005 brutal killer sentenced to 23 years in prison.

The most famous killer of 90-ies

Alexander the Great

Real name: Alexander Solonik

43 murder

Nickname killer received for his shooting skills with both hands. On account of the Great a few dozen murders, three escape from prison, and an endless series of smaller crimes. This man became a legend of the criminal world of the 1990s - the rate for his work exceeded half a million dollars. The official version says that Solonik killed commissioned Orekhovskaya OPG. However, most evidence suggests the fallacy of this version: apparently, the legendary killer changed his name and is still at large.

The most famous killer of 90-ies

Bear Blind

Real Name: Michael the professor

23 murder

The professor Michael was born in prison and grew up in a boarding school and then went to the colony. In 1992, the professor went out again into the wild around and saw a very different country - it was necessary to adapt. He made a small band and held a successful series of robberies of jewelry stores. Money is still not enough, so Bear Blind started an apprenticeship in contract killings. Most interesting is that shot the professor is bad: his vision spoiled even in the orphanage. However, the killer was able to develop his own style - stalked the victims almost back to back, and then portrayed the casual passer-by also suffered at the hands of "runaway" killer. The professor Michael sentenced to life imprisonment.

The most famous killer of 90-ies

Max lame

Real name: Maxim Lazovsky

42 murder

Until the mid-1980s Lazo worked in the Moscow traffic police, all officers were aware of the inspector cooperation with criminal authority Khozh-Akhmed Nukhayev. After the first period Maxim has not returned to the authorities: he began to dominate his own gang, the illicit trade in oil. To cleanse the playing field Lame decided to destroy his own major competitors: "authorities" Tolmachova Vladimir and Andrey Kolesnikov. In 1997, Lazovsky was arrested, but the court was unable to prove any of the charges - lucky killer was given two years for possession of weapons. But for a long time to enjoy the freedom of Maxim did not get: in 2000 he was shot by unknown on the threshold of the church.