"Portion of scary at night" or some terrible urban legends from around the world

What could be more interesting reading at night than a couple of horror stories? Probably each of us loves to tickle your nerves different horror stories, that not only pass down from generation to generation, but also flooded the Internet space. Today find chilling stories can be very easy.

Some of them - real, some - fictional, but, despite this, so many people believe in these or other terrifying creatures that scare, getting out from under the bed, hiding in the cabinets, and so on. Stories about the various ghosts, poltergeists, and evil spirits seem quite real themselves when they tell ordinary people. Yes, of course, I do a lot of inexplicable in the world, and some situations are simply not amenable to logic and scientific explanation. Today we have decided to please you, our dear readers, a portion of the most terrible and chilling urban legends from around the world.

El Silbon or boy with a bag of bones behind

The Legend of El Silbone originally from Venezuela, and it says about a very capricious boy. Several centuries ago, I lived a family that was highly respected in his town. At first glance, it is no different from the others, except for the status, but in fact, everything was much worse. When the boy was born in a family, the parents were very happy. They are a very long time waiting for this child, and, of course, already at an early age indulged their offspring. The boy got it all the best, and that he had not asked that his request is always performed without any objection. Such behavior on the part of parents is very spoiled child, and he became very moody and demanding. One day the boy told his father to get the deer meat for dinner to his mother would cook and serve. Unfortunately, the head of the family failed to fulfill the request of his son, and when he said that the dinner will not be reindeer meat, little boy just took it and ripped open his stomach to his father.

After that, he got guts and brought them to his mother, telling them to prepare for dinner. She was horrified by what he saw, but agreed to comply with the request of his son. When satisfied with the boy went to his room, she called her father and told him what had happened. the boy's grandfather came to their house and beat his grandson to the blood, and then rubbed his wounds with lemon juice and sprinkle with pepper. He collected the remains of his son-and put them in a bag, which hung on the shoulder of the child, and pushed him out of the house. When the boy began to run, his grandfather released followed by the hungry dogs that subsequently it and devoured. The boy was cursed by his family, and the silhouette of the guy with a bag on his shoulders after his death began to appear in a particular house. Rumor has it that El Silbon still roams the earth. He comes into the house of different people, he puts his bag on the floor and begins to consider whether all the bones of his father's place. If someone living in the house, who visited El Silbon, notices him, he does not do anything and just goes away, but if not, then shortly someone dies.


This legend comes from Iceland. It is believed that if a person notices a beautiful gray or black horse near a large lake or pond, it is a very bad sign for him. Determine whether it is a real horse, or the evil spirit of the water Nikouria can look at his hooves. In the event that you have met the latter, its hooves will be turned back. Some argue that this horse is a beast and evil spirit that draws people into the water. If Nikouria landfall, he longs take with someone in their water kingdom. Its external nice view he entices men and gives them a pat yourself, but as soon as the human hand touches the Nikouria skin, it instantly sticks. When this happens, the evil spirit of man pulls in your underwater home and final sinking.

Teke -Teke

This legend comes from Japan. It deals with a woman-servant, on which brutally abused by an American soldier, a few years after World War II. That same evening, after the incident, the young woman decided to commit suicide and jumped off the bridge on the railroad tracks. Pass train slashed her body in half. At that time it was very cold, and the woman did not immediately began to bleed. Based on the legend, the torso woman was able to crawl to the train station. Employees of the place was just horrified by what he saw and decided to drag a woman, or rather part of it on a tarp in the heat. Some time later, she died in the torments of hell. In fact, this is only a part of the legend. Contemporaries have decided to continue it, and now there was a continuation of the story. After you read about the legend, exactly three days you will be this crippled woman who would creep up to you and talk at the same time "Teke-Teke". If you do not respond to her questions, she will kill you. The first thing she asks is the fact whether you need your feet, and you have to reply that they will really need. The second issue is how her name, and you must answer "Kashima Reiko."