"Call the parents in the school," or teachers who beat their parents disciples

We already told you the story of the deaths of teachers. We even told you about the teachers who completely lost their minds and have done a lot of just terrible. But what now will be discussed, it has not been mentioned anywhere. Very often teachers have to deal with angry parents, many of whom do not necessarily like the teacher.

But most of these skirmishes ends here only accusations and cries. Yes, it is unpleasant, but not fatal, in any case. Today we will tell you about his parents, who, as they say, have moved from words to deeds and actually attacked teachers, causing them considerable injury. For what? Let's find out!

Catherine Lang-Engelhardt

Catherine Lang-Engelhardt taught physical education at the same school. When it was a lesson, she saw that one of her students came out of uniform, and going up to the girl, she told her that she would not let her into the gym without proper clothing. Apparently, the girl was very upset about this. Arriving home, she told her mother everything, while adding that the teacher pushed her and she hit her head on the wall (which has not been proven in the future). mother's indignation is understandable (if what her daughter said was true), and she immediately went to school, where her favorite child has learned. She was not immediately able to find Katherine, and when she found it yet, the latter was planning meeting. Mom girl still decided to wait for the teacher and talk to her. When Lang Engelhardt came, the previously scheduled conversation turned into something else, or rather into the fray. Woman that there are forces struck Katherine's face and started to beat her legs. The teacher fell to the floor and lost consciousness. Students who were still in school, immediately ran to the cries and began to push off from the enraged woman teacher, but that did not diminish exactly to the moment, as it is not twisted security. When Lang Engelhardt woke up, her very sick and dizzy, and it was immediately decided to take her to the hospital. Doctors diagnosed women concussion and cracked ribs. An angry mummy was found guilty of assault and sentenced to six months in prison.

Stuart Devereux

One student Stuart Devereux constantly running around the class, and when the teacher told him to calm down and sit down in his place, the guy did not listen, and Stewart drove him, saying at the same time to think about their behavior. After a while, the teacher was summoned to the director, where his mother was expecting that same student. She said Devereaux strongly threatened her son and behaved inappropriately on the teacher replied that it is a complete lie, and he can refute every word, simply because of the behavior of the boy watched the whole class, and children can confirm that no threats towards the child by the teacher did not arrive. The director wanted as quickly as possible to hush up the case and apologized, and asked her that Devereaux leave his office. As soon as they left, a boy my mother told Stewart: "It is better to get out away until my husband arrived." Devereaux went to his car and was about to leave, but it arrived, Jaime, father of the boy. He opened the door Stuart machines and began beating him. The man hit the teacher's head more than 10 times as long as its security is not twisted. Stewart was treated in hospital for over a month. Jaime was jailed for eight months.

Felicia Williams

Felicia Williams met with the mother of a student Sekito Thornton on behalf of Georgia, to discuss the evaluation of the girl and her attendance. Knowing that she is not very tranquil character, Felicia asked a security guard to watch for this meeting, and, as it turned out, she did it completely in vain. When the woman came to the class, it was immediately obvious that it is set up is not particularly friendly, and was clearly unhappy that she was summoned to the school. Uilms began to explain to the woman that you need to pull up the girl for her subject, because the latter fell behind and got a very poor evaluation. Georgia immediately began to yell at the teacher and said that her child behind in school, but she is guilty. The woman said that because of the fact that her little girl was given an old textbook, it can not normally do, and this is a problem only of the teacher, who can not communicate properly the information to their students. She grabbed the first available table textbook with a teacher and hit her in the face. The security guard who tried to stop her, was hit stun. Georgia was not appeased and grabbed Felicia's hair began to beat her with his free hand. When the class began to be heard shouts, high school students came to the aid of the teacher, and still drew off abnormal mummy from Williams and called an ambulance. The doctors said that Felicia has received a head injury, fractured nose and multiple bruises on the face. Georgia tried and sentenced her to one year in prison.