Tourists errors in Moscow

Proverb says that its charter in another monastery is off limits. For Moscow, a kind of state within a state, it is an unwritten rule is also important, especially when it comes to visiting the city from other countries. How to behave in the Russian capital so that people on the streets are not staring at you like a monster, had flown to another planet?

Foreign tourists who visited Moscow, talk about what mistakes they have made here and how to avoid them.

Tourists errors in Moscow Tourists errors in Moscow

to follow the crowd

Walking routes, prepared for the visit of representatives of the local business travelers, is in almost every major city in the world. They are all to some extent similar to each other, and all are equally sucked from the poor fellows with cameras time, attention and money. Such a trap is in Moscow.

"Most visitors will learn about the Arbat street of the guides, or the books of Russian writers, so their curiosity to some extent understandable. But in fact it is simply unwound among foreigners visiting Moscow a tourist trap - is difficult to find something really interesting in the middle of a fairly mediocre and besides expensive cafes. At the same time in Moscow Arbat apart quite interesting from the tourist point of view seats. If you make friends with someone from the local, they will definitely show you that Moscow, which is 99% of the tourists never see, "- shared his experience of Jacob Gordon of the United States.

Tourists errors in Moscow

I think that in Moscow all year hellish winter

"One Russian friend of mine once said that only three are relevant to the reality of all existing in the collective consciousness of the Russian stereotypes of foreigners: there really are drinking vodka, there really are bears here and terribly cold. Well, suppose, but that is not terribly cold all year round in Russia. Unfortunately, not all the tourists are aware of this. Italians traveling into Russia, taking with warm jackets and sweaters. Even in summer they do not think that they need more T-shirts, not coats ", - says Dileta cheroots from Italy. However, there are opposite examples. "A lot of tourists going to Russia, did not prepare yourself for a rather harsh weather conditions. They take with them lighter the shoe, which take on an eerie view of all this salt scattered on streets in winter, "- said the Englishman Louis Uitvorz.

Tourists errors in Moscow

Too closely follow the routes given by pointers

Some tourists are very easy to lose orientation in large cities, and let's face it: Moscow - a huge city. But Moscow's center is compact enough.

"Most foreigners visiting Moscow not even imagine how much time they lose in the transfer from one subway line to another, when to destination almost faster than it would be on foot," - said Alastair Gill from the UK.

Tourists errors in Moscow

ceased to be guided by common sense

People sometimes forget that certain rules of conduct that are relevant to them when they are at home, are fully applicable in a guided tour.

"In my opinion, the biggest mistake made by foreigners in Moscow - to believe that it would be too rude to say" no "or just go away, turned around, if you do not like something or straining," - says Michael Deasy from Canada.

"Tourists from their groups every time I advise you not to stare at the police in Moscow: if they catch sight, they are quite likely to decide to examine the documents and can easily prescribe any penalty. This happened a few times right before my eyes. Plus, I always say that you should not put the wallet in the back pocket of trousers, especially walking along a busy street, or moving into metro. Because it immediately pull out "- advises Peter Ishkin, tour guide, conducting tours for foreigners in Moscow.

Tourists errors in Moscow

Consider that stupid stereotypes from the past - the objective reality of the present day

It is difficult to deny the fact that in recent years Moscow has changed dramatically. But in Russia, all these labels from the old times popular rumor hung perhaps more intensively than any other country in the world. Do not let them fool themselves head.

"I think it is a serious mistake that a lot of people traveling to Moscow - headlong believe everything that you tell about this city. Most of this information has lost its urgency even 10-15 years ago. Yes, at that time everything was different. Moscow, with whom I met personally, did not like to the city, which told me before I came here the first time. Do not let prejudice to litter your head ", - says the Canadian Joe McInnes.