Until then I reached home appliances today

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has reached appliances today

Until then I reached home appliances today

The exhibition has pleased this year.

Year-on-year in Las Vegas hosts one of the most important events in the world of consumer electronics (and not only) - the exhibition CES. This year's event has already managed to be remembered is not an interesting, promising model. However, what is really good - at the exhibition in 2018 there were still worthy examples of what could eventually appear in every home.

1. Quick washing machine from the Samsung

Until then I reached home appliances today

Here is such a device.

Samsung has unveiled at CES its new washing machine. Manufacturer boasted that WW6850N model is equipped with technology QuickDrive, which allows you to erase almost 35% faster than comparable machines from other manufacturers. The machine is equipped with rear drum with a moving plate. This simple dynamic effect makes it possible to rotate the clothes in four directions!

Due to this and accelerate the cleaning process. In addition, the machine can now be controlled from your smartphone.

2. Refrigerator with voice assistant

Until then I reached home appliances today


Another curious novelty of South Korean giant has become a smart refrigerator Family Hub. In fact, this whole line, which leaves more than one year. However, this time prepared something really special for users. So, a new refrigerator can be used as the control center of all "smart" devices in the home. Directly from the refrigerator can dim the lights in the next room. In addition, the novelty has received voice assistant Bixby.

3. Microwave scanner

Until then I reached home appliances today

An excellent idea, very convenient.

Interestingly microwave at the exhibition presented by Whirlpool. At first glance it is an ordinary kitchen appliance. It makes exclusive Scan-to-Cook technology. So that he can? Using a smartphone to scan the frozen product bar code, after which the data on this product will be passed to the furnace. Microwave in turn will be able to choose the most suitable mode of operation and the duration of heating. In addition, the smartphone allows you to manage the stove remotely.

4. "Transparent" refrigerator

Until then I reached home appliances today

Knock, knock, what is it?

Finally, mention should be made transparent refrigerator from LG, which is called InstaView ThinQ. The device is a 29-inch touchscreen display, which becomes completely transparent, if you tap it twice. In fact, the material is not transparent. This screen, which team can transmit the image to the corresponding inner chamber. Such a clever decision is made not only to ensure that a clear conscience even more lazy, but to preserve the cold in the fridge - as a consequence of food and energy.