Books that can change the attitude towards life

Books that can change the attitude towards life

What if it all goes wrong, and life seems to be lost? If you do not want to get up from your bed? Read a good book, of course.

And we just know that reading to change lives for the better. There are books such as "how to understand themselves, how to become a better version of himself" and so on. Such journalism is, of course, useful, but very narativna. She literally dictates you what to do. But the truth is that only you can understand itself, what you need. And for this it is important to ask yourself questions. And fiction is just that and is engaged - makes ask itself what is really important.

In general, we will not weary. After reading these books, you will be a swarm of new interesting ideas, find answers to the questions that before you did not even think.

"Survivor," Marcus Luttrell

What book: for the first vzlyad - about everyday moments. Yes, it is true, about life. About how small details that we do not pay attention, can mean much more. It tells the story of a man in a falling plane. People wanted to make him the new Messiah, but he was able to understand that somewhere there is a puppeteer, yanking the strings of the universe.


  • People use the telephone ... because I do not like to be there, too close to each other, but are afraid to be alone.
  • We cling to the past, because they do not trust the future.
  • The main issue, which is now asked by the people is not "What is the meaning of life?" The main question - is "Where does this quote?"
Books that can change the attitude towards life

"On the Road," Jack Kerouac

What book: in a nutshell, is the journey across America, in which the protagonist is not always ask yourself the question, but always find the answers. Conversations with random companions, unexpected situations, strange stories in which the hero falls, sometimes forced to laugh sometimes - sad. But most importantly, that they are forced to understand: life - the same road, and you never know what awaits you ahead.


  • I stared at the dullness of his days. I also had to go terribly long way.
  • There is always something more you can always make a small step forward - there is no limit.
  • You guys are going somewhere, or just going? - We do not understand the question, but it was a damn good question.
Books that can change the attitude towards life

"Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert

What book: a modern woman, for which the phrase "Eat Pray Love" - ​​so take pleasure from this life. Book that joy can be found even where it is not necessary to look for it.


  • I need healing and peace, and their ability to present only loneliness.
  • If you're going to go with such a serious face, frighten off all the good energy. You need to meditate smiling. Smiley face, smile mind - and positive energy she will come and wash all negative. Let the smiles ... even your liver.

"Teach me to die" Matsuo Monroe

What book: the story that many of us do not live their lives for the sake of a certain social standards or for other reasons. But it is important not to miss the moment, understand it and put everything in its place. The main character was able to understand what other people chasing dreams - it is useless, it will not lead you anywhere. quotes:

  • The man must do three things in life - not to kill, not to be killed and not get crazy.
  • Individual nowadays perceived as worse than a sexual relationship with a schoolgirl. Freedom to choose - a privilege rogue.
  • With you nothing can happen until you go in the right direction. Troubles occur only when you turn off from it. It is an axiom.
  • The more a person fears, the more power get over it people.


"Fiesta (The Sun Also Rises)" Ernest Hemingway

What book: the story is autobiographical. The story of the "lost generation", about the guys that are returning from the slaughter of the First World War, sought support in this life. And they find it. Tell all does not make sense, you need to read the book. Frankly, it is morally difficult to read, but where strong emotions, there is catharsis, purification.


  • I can not accept the idea that life goes by so fast, and I do not live in the present.
  • Do not be discouraged. Never be discouraged. The secret of my success. I never lose heart. I never lose heart in humans.
  • I do not care what the world is. All I want to know is - how to live in it.