History of Alexander Pushkin's duel

• History of Alexander Pushkin's duel

February 10 (January 29 Old Style) 1837 was not Alexander Pushkin. The greatest literary figure died from wounds received in a duel with a French officer Georges d'Anthes, who allegedly had an affair with Pushkin's wife - Natalia Goncharova.

Alexander was a man impulsive, and duels in his life was set, at least 27. Most of them were canceled due to the reconciliation of the parties, some place, but ended well. We talk about the most notable matches of the poet - case and canceled.

History of Alexander Pushkin's duel History of Alexander Pushkin's duel

The first who challenged Pushkin, was his uncle Paul Hannibal. He parried the ball in his maiden Loshakova, which, despite its lightheadedness and false teeth, 17-year-old Alexander was in love. The quarrel, however, quickly faded, and the party continued. During dinner, Hannibal gave impromptu:

Though you, Sasha, among Ball

Paul summoned Hannibal;

But, by golly, Hannibal

Quarrel not podgadil ball!

History of Alexander Pushkin's duel

Portrait Kuchelbecker drawn by Pushkin.

In 1819, the first time the matter came before the shooting. Pushkin called on to answer his Lyceum friend Wilhelm Kiichelbecker. This clumsy boy poet loved, but often made fun of him. In one of the poems of Alexander wormed this stanza:

For dinner I had eaten too much, James shut the door Yes mistake, so it was me, my friends, and kyuhelbekerno and sickening.

Kiichelbecker furious, threw the glove to Pushkin, and he accepted the challenge. Wilhelm fired first and missed. Then the poet threw the gun and wanted to hug a friend, but he furiously shouted: "Shoot, shoot!" Pushkin hardly convinced him that the barrel nabilsya snow. The bout was postponed, and the bullies soon reconciled.

History of Alexander Pushkin's duel

Pushkin, as well as many young members of the nobility, was a lover of drink. Often, it is the poet pushed alcohol on recklessness. One day, having touched zhzhenki (this drink BigPikcha told a recent story about the most killer cocktails), Pushkin was summoned to a duel of two of his comrades. It was in Chisinau in 1820. Pushkin, his friend Liprandi and two colonels - Orlov and Alekseev - went to the billiard room, where he took drink circular zhzhenku. The incident described in the memoirs Liprandi.

"The first vase somehow get away with, but the second is strongly acted on Pushkin ... He brightened up and began to approach the edges of the pool and interfere with the game. Orlov called him at school, and Alexeyev he added that pupils prouchivayut ... The upshot was that Pushkin was summoned to a duel both of them, and I was invited to the seconds ... I called Pushkin night to themselves. On the way he came to his senses and began to berate himself for his Arab blood ... I have suggested somehow hushed up. "Never! - he cried. - I will prove to them that I am not a schoolboy. ' "

Eventually Liprandi convince others that if Alekseev and Eagles will arrive in the morning with the intention not to stand up to the barrier, and to resolve the conflict amicably, the honor of Pushkin not suffer. And so it happened.

History of Alexander Pushkin's duel

The story of Kuchelbecker when Pushkin refused to shoot back, was not the only one of its kind. In 1822, the poet showed generosity to Lieutenant Colonel Starov. The reason for their conflict is absurd.

At the ball, Alexander invited a lady to dance, clapped his hands and shouted to the musicians: "Mazurka" In order, however, was a waltz. This Pushkin said one of the officers present and said that he would dance a waltz. "Well, - I replied Pushkin - you waltz, mazurka and I". And let the lady at the hall. The officer did not dare to challenge, but instead it made Colonel of the StAR, Believing that youth trampled on the norms of decency. We decided to shoot the next morning at eight steps. Oldest first pulled the trigger and made a blunder. Pushkin then walked right up to the barrier, and saying, "Come here," - called the enemy, who dared not refuse. Poet put a gun to his forehead and lieutenant colonel asked, he answered, "Are you happy," he was satisfied, and Pushkin shot in the side.

History of Alexander Pushkin's duel

dueling pistols of the first half of the XIX century.

Duel with Pushkin, which fired both opponents - an extremely rare event. One of these fights - a duel with the Moldovan poet Todor Balsha nobleman, the owner of the house where Pushkin visited. His wife vzelas Alexander Sergeyevich, because he too persistently courted her daughter. And once in the evening they fought an impartial conversation in which Moldavian quipped, they say, too much of Pushkin's duel ends before it began. Endure it was impossible, as to inflict a quarrel with a woman. Therefore the poet has caused to the barrier of her husband. They fired, but both missed.

History of Alexander Pushkin's duel

Picture Adrian Volkova "The Last Shot".

Shot Pushkin and his last duel with Dantes, which could not take place after the poet received an anonymous lampoon "The patent for the title of cuckold." Transparent allusion to Natalia Goncharova's love affair with the French lieutenant. The men agreed on January 27 on the banks of the Black River.

First by lot, he shot Dantes and immediately struck Pushkin serious injury bullet shattered femur and landed in the stomach. Poet fell, but still tried to make a return shot, sitting on the ground. It is easily injured Dantes in his right hand, and then passed out from blood loss. It was moved to the sled and taken home on Moika.

History of Alexander Pushkin's duel

Picture Alexey Naumov "Pushkin's duel with Dantes."

No doubt, if there had been Pushkin in the hands of today's doctors - it would have saved easily. But then, medicine was, well, kind of. Not only that, the luminary of literature did not have a first aid immediately after the injury, so more and the doctor decided to treat him with leeches. Two days after the duel at 2:45 pm Alexander died before he could say goodbye to family and friends.