"There is healthy, there are unexplored." Selection of the shocking confessions from the most ordinary people who talk about their most unusual fetishes and fantasies

Well, let's begin, perhaps, with the most important. Children under 18 years of age, pregnant Kuban Cossacks and people with fragile nervous systems, which tend to look around insulting the feelings of believers, it is better not to read. However, it is not necessary. And now they are gone.

I recall, recently one of our very observant reader astutely pointed out in the comments that the whole of your Reddit rolls on three letters, and there were some maniacs. So, thank you, my good man, because of your tip and we do ask this burning issue, a little digging in the bowels of the threads of local and came to the conclusion that the same yes, there is healthy, there are not surveyed.

Needless Now of course, we decided to bring this holy truth, and to you, my friends. So, in our today's article we have collected for you the most shocking confession from the most ordinary average Internet users, who talk about their most unusual sexual fetishes and fantasies.

Prepare for friends, for reading this, you will never be able to look at their colleagues, neighbors and sellers in the stalls with cigarettes the same way again.

On the exterior are not judged

"Sometimes I dream of being a frail little girl and have sex with three guys at once. The problem is that I am 35-year-old bearded man rising ninety-meter and a weight of under 120 kg. And I have a wife and two children. Life is pain".

Even by our standards a bit strange

"I have never and never told anyone about it, but more than 10 years in the depths of my soul I dream of someone to cut off my arm or leg, fried it and forced me to have my own as meat. Advance answering all of your questions, no, I am not registered with a psychiatrist. "

Yes, go-ka you, my friend, with such desires

"In short, I'm a guy, and I dream that one day there was some genetic malfunction or something like that, and all the guys, including myself, instead of a nose on his face would have grown penis. That would be cool, huh? ".

Love yourself not forbid

"All my life I wanted to try to engage in oral sex with myself, but I have never been able to get. I even started to play sports especially, you know, to develop flexibility. In general, I decided to try that more until I recently, because the last time I tried to dodge as necessary, I accidentally broke his hip. I had to lie all that fell badly during a workout. "

It violets!

"I was wildly excited beautiful girl, which allowed gases. Nothing just somehow easier to relax, knowing that next to me is the same disgusting human being, like myself. "

for such a turn of ants life is not exactly prepared

"Ants. I honestly do not know why, but I was excited ants. I am a girl, and she has already thought about how to crawl on me thousands of these small insects, leads me to a state similar to ecstasy. Sometimes I dream of is to just go out, remove the pants and sit on an anthill. Yes, they would have suffered, watching the fall of their little houses, just for me to have fun. "

This is what happens when you watch a lot of "REN TV"

"I want to be abducted and raped by space aliens. A couple of years ago, I stumbled on some Internet site, where all sorts of crackpots wrote about crop circles, alien abductions and pro t. E., And then I realized that that's it, that's what I wanted all my life. Just think, all of this mucus, the tentacles, for experiments on human beings equipment. Class! ".

At # yazhmamok now have the chance to

"Lord, I just love to watch how women breastfeed children in the street. Young, old, beautiful, scary - honest, I do not care if the process itself is important! Let all those who condemn the feeding of children in public places goes on ...! Young Mom, you are the best, I love you! ".

And that's trash

"I have been working doctor. In short, I have a fantasy that I never told anybody yet, but then I still go to hell will be deprived of the license. You know, there is a condition called ascites, usually develops in people who have liver fails. In the abdomen begins to accumulate large amounts of free liquid, and the patient has a huge swollen belly. Yourself can search images on Google. So, I was very excited, always wanted to sleep with such a person, no matter, it will be a man or a woman. "

This is probably delaying

"My turn-ons quagmire and dirt. Always I wanted to have sex with a girl, so that I do, and she had been smeared with swamp muck. And, the great thing - so when you're standing naked in the swamp, and this feeling when bog sucks you down with his head. I've never tried it, but next year a special meal in New Orleans, to how to frolic in the local marshes. "

A loving grandson

"I have from childhood, even years 7 dreamed that I seduced my grandmother. She's so hot, there are no words. As for the rest, I am quite a normal guy, except for the fact that I'm 25, and I'm still a virgin. "