She became a "living Barbie", spending on plastic 40 thousand dollars

• She became a "living Barbie", spending 40 thousand dollars plastics

On that just did not go the girls to look perfect (in their opinion). In the course is everything from cosmetics and creams to plastic. Some women become so dependent on the surgeon's knife that does not sound like a real person. That architect from Poland after tens of thousands of dollars on plastic and has become the first country in the living Barbie.

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25-year-old Anella calls himself the first Polish Barbie. Its transformation into a doll began innocently enough - just a rhinoplasty. she did not plan to become a living toy, but after the first operation just could not stop.

"That happened spontaneously. Everyone has complexes - whether it's the little things like hair or something else. I decided I wanted to change in yourself something, such as the nose. And I did it. Then I thought of the chest: "Why not?" That was the beginning. "

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As a result - Anella has spent 42 thousand dollars, increased breast and lips, and not going to stop.

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"I like weird, unusual and unique things. Maybe because I'm very strange. I like charismatic people who have something to say. People who can create something beautiful and beautiful inside. "

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The unusual appearance made Anello popular. On her instagram 112,000 people signed. But she says that social networks - this is just a hobby. And it works the architect.