Men especially strange women

• Men's especially strange women

We often hear about how difficult it is for men to understand women. Often this creates jokes, like the one that the only way to better understand a woman - to learn to read thoughts. But men are not less frequently do things that are not available understanding of the female.

Men especially strange women

The fact that the male character traits and outlook on life are very different from women's. Most men have a particular male nature, hidden deep in the subconscious. We all have our own inner center of gravity, the balance between male and female that determines the features characteristic of our sex. Therefore, we should not feel depressed, to become more feminine, if we are women, but at the same time, we need not fully resonate with femininity.

The main thing that we have learned to understand the huge difference between these energies, male and female, and thus acquired a great ability to empathize with those around us.

Consider five male characteristics that women are usually unable to understand.

  1. Man has always focused on the result of
  2. Masculine energy is always directed at achieving the result, because the sooner he will be able to achieve its goal, the faster it will get satisfaction. Ultimately, it is the property of the male energy - to reach the goal as efficiently as possible to find inner peace of mind. And this means that not always it will be a desire to tell you about the events of the day, you have to entertain a whole collection of fascinating gossip. The man just wants the case to be made, since it may even lose sleep, if he knows that is not fully fulfilled its mission.

  3. A man always seeks to make big things into small
  4. To score a goal, you have to complete the mission to change the world, man must solve huge task, but first he needed to crush them into small pieces so as not to feel powerless. When dealing with small specific tasks, they become feasible.

    That's why sometimes a man does not like to create from little things big problems. They just continue to live their lives. While women are by nature of women are inclined to do the opposite. They make a small problem with huge, because that way they can fully experience the much-needed emotion.

    Women's lives in the energy flow of emotion, because emotion for femininity - it is life. The better you can tune in to their own emotions, the more your life will be filled.

  5. Feelings and emotions interfere with a man to carry out his mission
  6. Why he does not have any feelings on such an important occasion? Why does he look so indifferent?

    For the female soul tend to constantly pass through itself emotions as they come and go like waves in the ocean. Men perceive the same emotions as a burden as an obstacle to achieving the goal. You can not be in the heart of hunting buffalo, feeling at the same time themselves sad, angry or even happy. Of course, this does not mean that men are completely devoid of emotion. In contrast, the masculine part and is to block their emotions for the sake of achieving the goal. But it often happens that when they come out of this man's specific mode, they need emotional excitement even more than women to feel alive.

    Remember, just like women, men also have male and female parts of the soul. The only difference - the already mentioned center of gravity itself.

  7. Men's nature does not allow you to easily implement yourself in a relationship with a woman
  8. Wait a minute ... this does not mean that men do not want a relationship! This means that when men are in their normal state of men (ie imagine that prey on wild boars), they are simply not in a position to realize and experience surrounding their relationship.

    That is why men go, disappear or go into their cave men. All this testifies to the fact that they are being driven male instincts. It's intuitive characteristic of masculine energy. Often, it is feminine energy draws normal men in the realm of intimate love relationship. As I always say, intimate relationship - is the female sphere.

  9. For men, sex and love - not the same thing

For the male sex and love - it's completely different worlds, and they are responsible for completely different parts of the brain. This does not mean that the first and second can not be crossed. In fact, when a person falls in love, sex and love are combined into one. By default, most men realize that sex - it's just sex. And love - love. He can have sex with a woman for many years and do not even think about love.

However, when a man in love, he lives as masculine and feminine, so he has an easy access to both energies. Otherwise, if it was only in the male incarnation, he could not feel the connection with a woman living in a woman's world.