Alien stuff of museums

• Alien stuff of museums

Ancient civilizations have left us a lot of surprises. Researchers now and then are faced with findings that simply can not be explained scientifically. Each new artifact meets all community hostility, people refuse to believe that some tribe from a dense antiquity has been able to create an electrical appliance. Of course, all beautifully laid paleocontacts in theory - do these artifacts really prove that visited Earth a long time ago?

Alien stuff of museums

The Baghdad Battery

Baghdad Museum of Antiquities

Apparently, our distant ancestors were well aware of the electricity. In 1936, excavations in Baghdad, archaeologists discovered a small vessel, the throat of which was covered with bitumen. Hiding inside a kind of a battery - a copper cylinder with an iron rod. During the experiment, it was found out that this created in 2500 BC The vessel can really accumulate energy of 1 volt.

Alien stuff of museums

Heavenly disk unshaven

Halle Archaeological Museum

The artifact dates back to XVII century BC. No explanation, where the ancient people as an accurate understanding of the structure of the universe (as depicted on the disk, not only the sun and moon, but as many as 32 and the stars of the Pleiades constellation), have no historians.

Alien stuff of museums

Lady of Elche

Madrid's National Archaeological Museum

Statue of a beautiful lady discovered in 1897 near the city of Elche. It is unclear how in the IV century BC, people have managed to create a perfect work of art. In addition, the head of the statue is obviously some sort of device.

Alien stuff of museums

Phaistos disk

Heraklion Museum

Here is the oldest printed text in the world. Terracotta disk decorated with strange signs, embossed seals. Technology implementation of these stamps is a mystery.

Alien stuff of museums

Lycurgus Cup

British museum

Unique cup is capable of changing color depending on the light and beverage. A careful study of the artifact was found that the glass is full of silver and gold nanoparticles. Nanotechnology in the ancient world? Incredibly, but the fact remains.

Alien stuff of museums

Crystal astronaut

Walters Museum

Figure created out of rock crystal in 1500 BC. Experts suggest that it could make the craftsmen of the Hittite civilization. However, at that time a person simply did not have the capacity to handle so pure crystal, and it is the first puzzle. The second is the very form of the figure before us is clearly wearing a suit astronaut.