Rules of Life actor Clive Owen

• The rules of life actor Clive Owen

Rules of Life actor Clive Owen

The best advice I have ever given, he is the worst: you need to be a charming man. Someone said that this whole thing. Since then, I try to act in reverse.

I do not know what I was doing, I did not become an actor. Before you enroll in drama school, I sat for a long time to Coventry without any work. While unemployment was a serious problem. I'm getting really scared when I imagine what it would be, did not work out in my acting career.

The best side of fame - to get tickets for concerts and football matches and tables in restaurants, where you want to dine. So much for the benefits. The downside is that someone always follows you.

Few works make me a real sense of pride. If you choose, perhaps, is the "Proximity" and "Children of Men." "Proximity" had a special meaning for me because before shooting the film, I played in the performance of the original play. In addition, to work with such great actors (in "Intimacy also starred Julia Roberts, Natalie Portman and Jude Law -. Esquire) - a real honor.

People still ask me about "Children of Men." The film raises issues of relevance today. This is a serious picture, and Alfonso Cuaron - a true visionary. The most surreal moment of my career? This picture, which probably do not need to show all (Owen took out his phone and shows selfie with Barack Obama, who asked him about it -. Esquire). The picture was taken a few months ago, it was great. He's a big fan of the TV series "The Knick" in which I starred.

I love sports, especially football and tennis. Watch sports channels at home - my way of relaxation.

David Bowie has had a huge influence on me. If you choose a favorite album, it will be Hunky Dory, because with him began my acquaintance with the work of Bowie. And this is the only reason why I give the advantage of this plastic. I love everything he did.

There are two directors with whom I worked, but would agree without hesitation - Paul Thomas Anderson and Jacques Audiard.

I always thought that the best age - one in which you are. Therefore, we, the actors, are lucky: we have new roles and opportunities to the way we grow and change.