Russia's most dangerous profession

• The most dangerous profession Russian

In 2017, in Russia in the workplace, killing more than a thousand people - 1138. In view of this tragic statistic analysts have made "rating" the most dangerous Russian occupations, which were not only the miners and seamen, but even simple farmers and scavengers. "Black top-10" published "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" referring to the analysts of the company Adzuna. Let's face it.

Russia's most dangerous profession

It is noteworthy that the location of a profession in the list of dangerous does not depend on the level of wages, and thus the status of the employee - in the top 10 included both high-paying and low-paying positions.

First place in the "ranking" is the fisherman's profession. It is reported that the ratio of the dead (calculated based on the number of fatalities per 100 thousand people in the industry) is equal to 40, 3. According to the survey, the fishermen salary in Russia is about 39 thousand rubles per month.

Sad silver in this case builders (ratio 17: 9). It is known that the average salary they have a little less than that of the fishermen, - 34 thousand rubles a month.

Russia's most dangerous profession

In the third place in the list of hazardous occupations - drivers (the mortality rate at the wheel during the operation amounted to 17, 3). Salary Russian drivers, by the way, is much higher than that of the workers, the above - 48 thousand rubles.

Slightly less dangerous were the profession of woodcutter (coefficient of 15, 7 and the average salary - 37 thousand rubles), miner (12, 9 - ratio and 51 000 rubles - the salary) and sailor (with a coefficient of 11, 3, the average salary is one of the highest - 331 thousand).

Russia's most dangerous profession

In addition, in the top 10 hazardous occupations were farmers. Analysts, published a rating of deaths at work, stress that factor tragic situations among agricultural workers accounted for 10, 9 (right next to the mortality among the sailors). Average earnings of farmers in Russia is 32, 5 thousand rubles.

Also dangerous is called the pilot profession (Rating compilers do not specify, civil or military aircraft in question, but when you consider that the "black" rate here is 10, 5, then it is most likely talking about the Civil). The average monthly salary in the pilot of the Russian Federation - 362 thousand rubles.

Russia's most dangerous profession

But that's not all. In the top-10 hit the profession ... scavenger. Surprisingly, this work proved to be one of the most dangerous in Russia - 40 people were killed in 2017, and the mortality rate was 8, 4. scavenger salary though one of the lowest in the country - 22 thousand rubles.

Completing the "black ten" workers of factories manufacturing. Here, the mortality rate was 4, 4, but the salary was the same as that of builders - 34 thousand rubles.

It should also be noted that all professions are articulated in the "ranking", mostly men - women among fishermen, miners and pilots are very few, but among them is not at all the sailors.