Ways to help you sleep

• The methods that will help you get to sleep

Some say that technology is to blame for insomnia. What if we told you that insomnia is present in animals and insects, or that your problem of insomnia may be hereditary? Whatever the reason, every problem has a solution. There are many ways to help your eyes to sleep. We would like to explain in detail some of them.

Ways to help you sleep Ways to help you sleep

1. Get rid of the light.

For healthy sleep the first requirement - the ideal atmosphere in the room. The absence of all lights will lead you to a successful night of rest. Even the smallest light from an iPad or a flashing light on the laptop, can distract your attention and does not let you sleep. From a scientific point of view, a small glow moved from your eyes to your hypothalamus - part of your brain that controls sleep. The darker the room, the faster you fall asleep.

Ways to help you sleep

2. Try meditation.

Meditation can ascribe to the solution of many problems. It also includes sleep problems. According to a study at Stanford in 2009, people who observe the program of meditation to fall asleep faster, able to sleep twice as fast than those who did not meditate.

Ways to help you sleep

3. Maintain a steady sleep. This fact is known to anyone who tells you to go to bed at the same time every night. With our busy schedules, we tend not to adhere to the sleep mode, especially on weekends, and it's so wrong.

Ways to help you sleep

4. Do not nap during the day.

To quickly falling asleep at night, you should avoid daytime sleep. At least very long. According to experts, you need a certain number of hours of sleep according to age. Naps should last no more than 20-25 minutes.

Ways to help you sleep

5. Aromatherapy lavender oil.

Lavender has a wonderful scent and therapeutic benefits - it is used as a sleep promoter. Studies have shown that the smell of lavender can help a person fall asleep faster and deeper.

6. Visit your favorite place in your imagination.

Forget sheep. Counting them will only cause your brain to worry, and will not guarantee a quick nap. Instead, scientists now agree that, if you want to fall asleep faster, you have to submit your favorite places and to remember things that relax your mind. Thus, you could suspend any disturbing thoughts that bother you.