Princes and princesses, who gave up the throne for love

Abdicate the throne for love is not so difficult, if love - real. They remembered stories of princes and princesses, who made a royal choice.

Princes and princesses, who gave up the throne for love

Edward VIII, Kingdom

The deceased uncle of Queen Elizabeth II of the ruling

Princes and princesses, who gave up the throne for love

Edward VIII inherited the throne in January 1936 after the death of his father, King George V. But at the time Edward was already in love with Wallis Simpson - the twice-divorced American woman of high society. Edward knew what he needed after his father's death to choose between the throne and love, and it is not deliberate.

Renunciation has caused shock among his subjects. The newly made king refused the crown for a woman of dubious reputation. Moreover, at the time of the announcement of the engagement Wallis has designed the divorce from second husband! The scandal King commented: "I found it impossible to perform the duties of a king without the help and support of the woman I love."

The rebellious couple moved to France and lived together until Edward's death in 1972. Wallis was not in 1986.

Prince Louis of Luxembourg

Son of Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg

Princes and princesses, who gave up the throne for love

Louis - the third of five children of the Duke Henri and Maria Teresa - announced the marriage of 19 years. Heart of the prince without a fight took Sergeant Tessy Anthony, daughter roofer. Louis met her during a visit to Luxembourg of the peacekeeping mission in Yugoslavia. Roman developed so rapidly that within a few months the Prince presented Tessie not only as his bride, but also the mother of the unborn child. Firstborn pair Gabrielle was born six months before the wedding the parents. Royal family has shown generosity and acknowledged an illegitimate child, but a young father had to give up the rights to the throne. Louis and Tessy have been married for 10 years, they had a second son, but in early 2017 the couple announced divorce. Tessy Antony wants to focus on the education of sons and political career, and the prince continued to perform their duties of the royal family.

Princess Mako, Japan

The eldest granddaughter of the Emperor of Japan Akihito

Princes and princesses, who gave up the throne for love

with her fiancé, a lawyer Kay Kommuro, 26-year-old princess met five years ago at the International Christian University of Tokyo. They studied at different faculties, met at a student party and immediately liked each other. A year later Kommuro made an offer.

In September 2017 it was announced the engagement. The wedding was to be held in a year, this fall, but the lovers have postponed the ceremony for a couple of years to prepare for a new life. In fact, after her marriage to a commoner princess must leave the palace and to renounce the title. However, it is not afraid of Mako. By Princess said she had since childhood preparing itself for the simple life, because she did not want to associate with the life of the royal family representative. Now, the princess feels immature for marriage, and independent living.

Princess Ayako, Japan

A first cousin of Emperor Akihito

Princes and princesses, who gave up the throne for love

Another bride from Japan's ruling family - 27-year-old Ayako. October 29 princess will marry 32-year-old employee of the shipping company Kay Moriya and lose regality. However, as a dowry Ayako get about a million dollars, so that the life of a commoner is not so bad girl.

In 2014, the elder sister Ayako Princess Noriko married the son of a priest, also lost his right to the throne.

Princess Sayaka, Japan

Daughter of Emperor Akihito

Princes and princesses, who gave up the throne for love

As you know, the love of a simple guy with Japanese princesses in the blood. Princess Sayaka, who is now 49 years old, a young man made a decision: she will manage their lives. Having reached the age of marriage, the Princess told her parents that the wedding will be held only by her own decision when she is ready for marriage. Princess entered Gakushuin University of Tokyo, on the faculty of Japanese language and literature, where the elder brother, Prince Akishino, introduced her to his friend Yoshiki Kuroda.

Unlike modern princesses, Sayaka is not immediately able to obtain permission for the engagement, but strong-willed princess did not recede. As a result, the couple were married in 2005 alone. At that time, the princess has already built a birdwatcher's career, and her fiance worked urban designer. Children have no pair.

Prince Prince Friso of Orange-Nassau, Netherlands

The late brother of the ruling King Willem-Alexander

Princes and princesses, who gave up the throne for love

Prince Friso has surpassed its older brother, the King of the Netherlands Willem-Alexander. He married Argentine Maxima Sorregete, a specialist in the field of software in financial markets. However, pedigree Maxims full of representatives of European monarchs, and her father was the Minister of Agriculture of Argentina in the 70s, so the choice of the prince did not prevent him to inherit the throne after his mother, Queen Beatrix. At the time, she defended the right to marry a German aristocrat, so calmly reacted to the decision of the eldest son. But here's the bride Friso made his royal relatives nervous. In 2003, Prince announced her engagement to Mabel Wisse businesswoman Smith, ex-girlfriend of the leader the country's largest drug cartel Breynsma Claes, who was killed in 1991. This was too much even for the democratic Dutch court, and then left the palace Friso.

The couple had two daughters the same age, but when the youngest was 6 years old, tragedy struck the family: in February 2012, Friso came under an avalanche in the Austrian ski resort. One and a half years he spent in a coma and died in August 2013. Widow Friso brings daughters and does not initiate a new relationship.