Rules of life of young Roma

Although we are often faced with Roma in everyday life, we know about them so much. These people still live according to the laws prevailing many centuries ago, and their women, though, and look quite liberated, not in the camp have little or no rights.

Rules of life of young Roma

Married at 16

Remain a spinster in the Roma community is unlikely to succeed - the girls are married off in 16-17 years, the guys take a marriage in 18-19. Divorce, of course, is impossible - marriage should be one for life. Those women who still dare to divorce, "defile" the community and cast a shadow not only on themselves but also on their daughters. And about any new relationship can be no question.

Gypsy girl who marries, must necessarily be a virgin. Otherwise, the bride is waiting for shame - it will announce dirty, desecrated the community. Deprived of virginity before marriage, gypsy risks remain for ever one - man-Roma would not go against the camp of laws and not take a lady to his wife, who had given herself to another.

As for the marriage with the representatives of other nationalities, it is not welcome among the Roma. Aliens called Gorger, and the girls very rarely agree to such a marriage. The fact that Roma appreciate their own culture and are trying to save it. To do this, even marriages between cousins.

Rules of life of young Roma

Parents - major

Of course, in many cultures, girls should always follow the will of their parents, but they are Roma families have a particularly high credibility. Daughter doing what she would say. And marries on who will show. Sometimes, of course, that she is involved in the choice of future husband, but marriage by agreement of parents is very common. After a gypsy gets married, she should obey her husband in the same way, how to listen to their parents.

By the way, an unmarried gypsy can not leave the house unaccompanied - next should be the parents, siblings or other relatives. But the guys a lot more freedom - they go out of their own home and choose their bride.

Rules of life of young Roma

Bright outfits

The gypsy community meek as a lamb, but their outfits in public chat scream otherwise. Generally, it is bright clothes helps them to attract men of the future, because the approach and speak first gypsy has no right.

Especially passionate about sequins and rhinestones American gypsies - they dress up every day as a holiday. And if the community planned a wedding or a birthday party, the radiance of their dresses can go blind.

Rules of life of young Roma



Even though we live in the XXI century, the gypsies are still prevalent notion of the so-called contamination. This means that the lower part of the body of mature married woman "unclean". Touch her skirt or even to shoes - all the same that the stain itself. For girls and unmarried girls are not affected.

Because of the "filth" of women is forbidden to climb to the second floor, they can only live on the ground floor. If in the Roma residential house on the first floor and the whole family lives on the second, the other Roma say they "defile" the family.

For this reason, the feast of men and women are held separately. Separately in the house to come and visit: Men - to a man, a woman - a woman.

Rules of life of young Roma

Beats - means love

The Roma community is incredibly high percentage of domestic violence. In the UK, even conducted a study according to which 61% of married Roma women living there admitted that they regularly fall under the hot hand of her husband. And women have to put up with it.

The participant of one of the British show gypsy Melli said that once the husband locked her in a trailer, and a woman got out, beat her. The family persuaded her to take her husband back, and she complied, explaining that such behavior - of the Roma traditions, and they should be honored.

Rules of life of young Roma

After the wedding skirt only

Girls and unmarried women may wear trousers or jeans, but married ladies only supposed to walk in long skirts.

In modern society, the girl-gypsy so accustomed to wear jeans that skirt worn after the wedding, right on top of them.

Rules of life of young Roma

Domestic slavery

Gypsy women have to be housewives and do not have the right to be lazy on the part of the cooking and cleaning. In European culture, considered to be the ugly duckling of Roma, but in their homes reigns purity.

A woman should regularly wash everything, and yet she could not share with anyone your crockery and cutlery, even with her husband. All dishes are washed several times under running water in a separate bowl with boiling water and then under running water.

Wash women's and men's clothing also need to separately. And still need to wash clothes separately above and below the belt - due to "dirt" on the back. Well underwear - it also washed separately.

Rules of life of young Roma

Amnesty during pregnancy

Pregnancy for Roma women - the perfect time. It is exempt from household duties and cooking and cleaning involved spouse. And pregnant women are not allowed any physical contact. They can not sleep in the same bed with her husband and only wash with holy water. However, many American gypsy do not follow these rules, they have achieved a certain independence.

Rules of life of young Roma

No police

If Roma misunderstandings, the disassembly are noisy and bright - with fights and curses kind to the seventh generation. But it is their own business. Go to the police - all the same that go against tradition.

May come to the point that the family disowns relative, has applied to the police. Men understand this very well, but some modern girls still trying to resolve conflicts in a civilized manner.

Rules of life of young Roma

Earrings - just for women

In films often show us dashing gypsy with earrings in the ear, but actually in the community of earrings can be worn only by women. Gypsy women are fond of jewelry, and what they are bigger and brighter, the better.

Rules of life of young Roma

As you can imagine, to live among the Roma is not easy. And even if born in a family of one girl, Roma do not curse fate, and go to the shelter and adopt the boys - they believe that it is important not so much blood, how much education.

That is why in the camp is often possible to meet the blonde or redhead rebyatnyu - hence the rumors that gypsies steal children.