How to recognize dehydration? Symptoms that delivers the organism

• How to recognize dehydration? Symptoms, which gives the body

In an ideal world we eat properly and drink enough water. In reality, many do forget that water is essential for the body. As a result, we lose water through sweat and even breathing, and if it receives enough - manifest different symptoms of dehydration. Here's what you need to know about them.

How to recognize dehydration? Symptoms that delivers the organism

How much should you drink water?

Opinions on this matter differ. Some experts say that the three-liter, others - "as you can", and others are advised not to think about it.

But we know that children and older people need more water than usual. The same applies to those who experienced a heart attack or severe viral infection. In hot climates, and after a workout is also important to drink more.

In any case, to quench their thirst with water is best. Do not forget to drink before, during and after exercise, and eat vegetables and fruits. More is better than less!

Thirst occurs when the body lacks only 2% of 5-7 liters, available in the body. Accordingly, the glass of water will suffice. But there are other signs of dehydration, and much more serious.

1. Dry mouth

Another signal that the water in the body is a little. The body does not produce enough saliva, if not enough fluid. Due to the dry port and breathing.

2. Dark urine

The more fluid enters the body, the lighter isolation. Dark - it means more concentrated.

3. The rare trips to the bathroom

If you do not have enough water, and then the toilet will want less. Only it is fraught with serious health problems, including the appearance of kidney stones.

4. Dry skin

As is known, the skin - the largest organ of the area, and it is necessary for the normal operation of a good blood supply. If you notice that the skin became more dry, do not try to moisturize it from the outside, better to drink water.

5. The deterioration of blood supply to the

More than half of the blood in the body of the plasma - the liquid part. It is composed of water, protein and salt. With the shortage of water becomes more concentrated blood.

6. Muscle spasms

The lack of water affects primarily on those areas where it is most needed, and therefore, muscle pain can not be avoided.

7. Fatigue

It may also be associated with dehydration. Reduced pressure, deteriorating blood flow and pulse rate - and you do not want to go anywhere.

8. Headache

One of the most frequent problems when water is scarce, and the brain.

And what to do?

In cases of serious dehydration should drink water in small doses, otherwise it will immediately go back. It is important to eat something salty, and continue to drink, until symptoms cease. In difficult cases, have to drink medicines that allow fluid to saturate the body, or even to go to the hospital.