Martin electrophoresis - the famous man-owl

Someone at the sight of him was becoming terribly, someone - funny, but it certainly was not indifferent. After all, he could turn his head, as they like. Just imagine when this type of worth to you back, his face looking at you. Its unique genetic variance man cleverly used as an advantage and a source of income. At the beginning of the XX century, Martin electrophoresis nicknamed "Man-owl" was incredibly popular in America, even though he did not like this country.

Martin electrophoresis - the famous man-owl

The parents have come as a shock ...

Martin Emmerling was born back in 1886 in Nuremberg (Germany). When his parents noticed his son's ability to turn his head 180 degrees, they were scared at first, but then realized that this anomaly does not entail any serious consequences for their health and lifestyle. When Martin reached adolescence, he got a job in a circus, which traveled almost the whole of Europe. The posters called him "Bobby Boy with a rotating head."

Martin electrophoresis - the famous man-owl

At 24, Martin moved to America with the circus, which has brought a whole troupe of freaks like him in the United States. Guest performers with various physical and external anomalies had great success overseas, and Emmerling decided to stay in America forever. By this time he changed his name to the more sonorous for the artist - electrophoresis, but the audience is most often called him "Man-owl".

It is interesting that almost always, Martin appeared in a white shirt. Apparently, on a light background, in his opinion, turning the head looked spectacular.

The reason for the anomaly

Trying to find otgadku phenomenon of electrophoresis, the American experts came to its presentation, in which he, incidentally, included elements of acrobatic show and ventriloquism and learned his numbers to the last detail. Skeptics were hoping to see some kind of trick in his fiction turns heads, but were forced to admit that there is no deception here.

Martin electrophoresis - the famous man-owl

Lead Eddie Lovett shows viewers Martin electrophoresis (left) and a man with a phenomenally flexible body, Demetrio Ortiz, known as Man-twister. July 1934 / Photo: Chicago Tribune

The cause of man-owl unique abilities called congenital curvature of the spine, the natural instability of the cervical vertebrae, and even a three-year training for "neck stretching", which electrophoresis allegedly spent his youth - before starting a career in the circus.

Modern experts believe that the unique gutaperchivost neck men are most likely to be caused by some genetic disorder, which nowadays could be the subject of interesting research.

Martin electrophoresis - the famous man-owl

With the head turned he found it hard to breathe, but it is convenient to drink and smoke. /

By the way, despite the fact that the electrophoresis easily turn his head 180 degrees, in such a situation he could not breathe, so after a minute he had to return to the normal neck. However, as evidenced by video and photos, a drink or a cigarette in his mouth to keep from he could turn his head.

He did not like America

In the United States electrophoresis married, he got well, and his career was highly successful. Man was invited to TV shows about it in newspapers. However, he emigrated to the United States, owning a dwelling in Baltimore, and even an American citizen, a German could not stand this country. He did not like the mentality of Americans, the government's policy, its annoying ... even the US national flag. On this occasion, he often quarreled with his wife, and after one of those skirmishes, she even wrote on his complaint to the police. As the man-owl openly expressed his contempt for the Yankees, some Americans even called him a Nazi. However, it continued to show consistently gather crowds of enthusiastic spectators.

Martin electrophoresis - the famous man-owl

The total picture circus troupe. Martin Lourello - third from left, with the animals. /

He just changed the line

Reaching advanced age, man-owl realized that demonstrate their ability to old age unrealistic - in the end, the audience is bored, and it will be uninteresting. Electrophoresis made a wise decision: to do the staging of animals. He began to train cats and dogs, coming up to them very funny number. His animals danced, performed acrobatics, walking on his hind legs with an umbrella - just pretty amused audience. And since these already fun scenes trainer and then included his "special" twists the neck of his show a great success.

Martin electrophoresis - the famous man-owl

Circus posters electrophoresis. /

In addition to training with animals, man-owl participated in theatrical productions, and in the winter he worked in the New York Museum.

This extraordinary artist, wise and well-ordered their talents and physical phenomenon could be a long time to surprise and amuse the audience, but his life was suddenly cut short. Martin electrophoresis died at age 69 of a heart attack.