Curious about fashion

• Curious about fashion

Curious about fashion

1. False eyelashes first invented for producer D. Griffith, who wanted to visually enlarge the eyes of one of its actresses in the film in 1916, the lashes were made of human hair.

2. Only 200 years ago the children began to wear it baby clothes. before they went in the adult size reduction.

3. A thing is considered vintage only if it is made in the period from 1920 to 1960. All that was later - it is retro.

4. The second limitation of the subject invention is the skirt of the female wardrobe.

5. As you read this, we have already sold 10 swimsuits in the United States.

6. Have you ever wondered why on the sleeves of his jacket buttons sewn? None other than Napoleon Bonaparte ordered poprishivat buttons to sleeves of uniforms to wean soldiers from the obnoxious habit to wipe noses sleeves.

7. It is likely that thong panties invented after New York Mayor La Guardia enraged local dancers of the New, which is too paraded his body to calm the mayor and reduce the bleakness dancers invented special pants. 8. Chinese ladies painted their nails even 5000 years ago.

9. Prior to the 20th century boys often wore dresses. One hundred years later, this tradition revived.

10. In the second half of the 18th century, most Europeans have owned only one change of clothes.

11. In the 1500s, to demonstrate their clothing, the designers produced exact copies of their doll models.

12. In 1400 BC. e. among Egyptian women, it was fashionable to wear on their heads a large cone of aromatic oil. Cone worn all day, it smelled and dripping through the body, leaving the skin shine and clothes soaking aroma.

13. In the UK, the 18th century secular dandies wearing tight trousers so that the dressing trousers stretched on special pegs and a gentleman jumps into them.

14. In 1500 BC. e. shaved head is considered a model of feminine beauty. Egyptian women removed every hair using tweezers and gold rubbed his scalp to shine.