Common fitness tips that harm

• Common fitness tips, which are harmful to

Regular exercise is necessary for health, but their right to organize, because around full of conflicting advice? Check to see if you get the scope of one of the most common misconceptions.

Common fitness tips that harm

In this article, we gathered the most popular myths related to sports and fitness, and contrasted them the truth in accordance with the results of the latest research.

Myth: Exercise does not protect against the negative effects of aging.

Truth: Regular exercise has a major impact on the brain and body, including counteracting the effects of age.

Myth: The main cause of weight gain with age - slowing metabolism.

Truth: The dialed kilograms guilty not maligned metabolism. The true cause is a gradual decrease in motor activity, and the best way to get better - more movement at any age.

Myth: To stay in shape, you can do 1-2 times a week.

Truth: Lessons twice a week is not enough for sustainable results. To exercise brought real benefits, they should be given 3 to 5 times a week.

Myth: The best time to exercise - in the morning immediately after getting up.

Truth: The best time for sports activities the one that allows you to engage in a systematic way. Ideally fitness should become a daily habit, so if you prefer to go to the gym late at night, and proceed. Prefer the morning - be engaged in the mornings. Myth: Lifting weights makes it possible to turn fat into muscle.

Truth: You can not turn fat into muscle, because in terms of physiology is different tissues of the body. The best way to reduce the amount of fat tissue - to adhere to a healthy diet.

Myth: Puzzles and board games - a great workout for the mind.

Truth: According to recent studies, the good old exercise much more contribute to the training of the mind, than any puzzle.

Myth: Sports - the best way to lose weight.

Truth: If you want to lose weight, do not expect that you can simply "spend" all that is eaten. Weight loss is primarily begins with changing dietary habits. However, regular activity remains an important part of a healthy lifestyle.

Myth: Lifting the trunk - a fast way to get relief press.

Truth: In contrast to the rise of the body aimed only the abdominal muscles, the bar uses multiple muscle groups at the sides, front and rear. To get a strong body and "cubes", should exert all of them.

Myth: Strength training is more suitable for men.

Truth: Strength training - a good way to strengthen the muscles, regardless of gender.

Myth: To lose the form, it will take at least two weeks.

Truth: Most people muscle tissue begins to dissolve within a week without regular exercise. Myth: Marathon - the perfect way to stay in shape.

Truth: You can get a lot of benefits from jogging, even without reaching the 5-kilometer boundary. Regular fast jogging for 10 minutes a day brings the same amount of health benefits, as well as running three hours a week.

Myth: A daily food diary - a good way to control.

Truth: Even when we are trying to put food in his mouth deliberately, we tend to underestimate the amount of it and to overestimate their physical activity.

Myth: Sports drinks - the best way to replenish the supply of liquid after exercise.

Truth: Most drinks consists only of sugar and water. Experts recommend to use plain water and protein bars.

Myth: The body mass index - accurate way to assess overall health.

Truth: A method of health assessment using BMI is outdated, is considered a more reliable method of measuring waist volume.

Myth: To exercise benefited, you need to sweat.

Truth: Sports like a miracle cure, affects all systems of the body, and in the standings are all exercises, not just kickboxing.