Products from which spoils our skin

• Products, from which spoils our skin

Products from which spoils our skin

Everyone knows about the dangers of smoking and alcohol for skin and health. But not only these obvious pests can destroy your beauty. Scrubs, lotions, creams and serums will not help if there are the following products from which spoils the skin in your diet.


Yes, yes, we here are predictable here. Nevertheless, too much sugar (and products with a high content of "fast" carbohydrates that turn into sugar) can lead to a decrease in collagen and elastin in the skin. The result: your skin becomes less elastic, leading to premature aging. Remember that the yogurt with the addition of just filled with sugar. So, even such "harmless" for skin products can actually harm her.

Skimmed milk

controversy about the benefits and harms "the Milk" While underway, the only one fact remains indisputable: skim milk can harm the skin. In 2005, researchers from the Harvard Nurses' Research Center established a link between low-fat milk and acne. Although all cow's milk has hormones that can cause acne, research has shown that it is those who consume low-fat dairy products, most likely to suffer from acne. Perhaps because skim milk contains more bio-available hormones, which are not absorbed by the body without being absorbed by fat. These hormones can stimulate our sebaceous glands, resulting in the skin becomes oilier.

Rice bread

Once they recommended that all supermodels, and women who want to look like they almost did not pray on rice cakes. But new research shows that they not only help to lose weight, but also harmful to the skin. Rice cakes raise blood sugar levels, which promotes the formation of wrinkles. How? Your body metabolizes carbohydrates from simple breads as well as from and cakes, by converting them into glucose. This sugar is also destroys the collagen in your skin, accelerating aging. Your favorite "healthy" granola does the same thing.


Refined carbohydrates, which are found in potato chips and similar products, increase the amount of inflammation. They produce destroys DNA and collagen oxidative stress on cells. If you will eat chips often, you will notice the appearance of wrinkles and a large number of pimples on the forehead and nose.

Refined carbohydrates

Why most delicious foods harm our skin? For example, such as carbohydrates. Yes, we're talking about pasta, white bread, potatoes and all with a high glycemic index foods. There are good carbs (vegetables, fruits, cereals correct), and there are bad carbs. That's bad carbs, foods with a high glycemic index, you need to avoid in your diet. Foods with a high GI raise blood glucose, causing our body to produce insulin to absorb the extra sugar. More insulin means more acne.