6 reasons to eat bananas

• 6 reasons to eat bananas

Banana - a natural version of the candy: it's so sweet that will turn almost any food in a tasty and healthy dessert. All this makes the bananas are the most popular in the world of export fruit. But is it really so good for health?

6 reasons to eat bananas

Some people do not eat bananas because they have a lot of carbohydrates and sugar. But here's the subtlety: the body will still need carbohydrates as fuel and bananas rich in vitamins and minerals. In addition, they are rich in dietary fiber, which slow down the processing of sugar and help longer feel hunger. And now - the details.

1. Potassium

In one banana average 422 mg potassium, 12% of the daily requirement. Potassium is important for the body for many reasons: it helps to work the muscles and nerves, carries nutrients to the cell nucleus, is involved in the regulation of heart rate and salt levels in the body. When a shortage of potassium can increase blood pressure and kidney stones.

2. Intestine

In one banana 3 grams of dietary fiber (10% of normal). It also contains probiotics, beneficial for the growth of good bacteria.

3. Snack before exercise

Banana rich natural sugar, which provides energy and thus the eating bananas do not harm the stomach. Studies show that bananas also improve the physical condition in sporting activities.

4. ... and after

Bananas help reduce the effects of exercise for the muscles, they will be less sick.

5. Replace sugar

It can be added to almost any baking, replacing sugar.

6. Vitamin B6

Banana contains a third of the daily requirement of this vitamin, which is essential for brain function and overall health.