The most amazing restaurants of the world

The most amazing restaurants of the world

Fancy restaurants that fail never forget.

The restaurant has long ceased to be a place where people simply poisoned lunch or communicate with each other. The competition is so high that the owners of establishments even hire special people that will turn into something memorable restaurants. These 12 restaurants visitors will remember for a long time.

1. Robots

The most amazing restaurants of the world

Restaurant with robots in Thailand.

While in Bangkok, be sure to visit Hajime restaurant in the unusual feature of its service personnel. Here you will meet the most polite and tactful waiters, that nothing is ever forgotten or confused, and bad mood they will never happen. And all because the service of visitors here are engaged in the robots. By the way, if you go at the end of the day, you will be able to see exclusive dance, which is performed by the waiters for the visitors.

2. Planet of the Apes

The most amazing restaurants of the world

A restaurant with monkeys in Japan.

The Utsunomiya works place called Kayabukiya Tavern. Its feature monkey who not only entertain guests, but also perform the normal duties of the waiters. Owner Institution personally trained critters restaurant business. Leave a tip in Kayabukiya Tavern is not accepted, but if you enjoyed it, you can treat animals soybeans.

3. Nudist Restaurant

The most amazing restaurants of the world

Restaurant for nudists in the United States. To visit the Clothing Optional Dinners in Brooklyn, do not need to dress up. And all because in places all sitting completely naked. The restaurant positions itself as a place for nudists. True naked lunch is not always possible, but only at certain theme days. These meals are designed for people without complexes, who want to feel the absolute comfort and freedom.

4. In the sky

The most amazing restaurants of the world

The restaurant is in the sky, Belgium.

For lovers of great food and an indescribable feeling in Belgium, there is an amazing place. We are talking about the Dinner in the Sky - site with a large table and chairs, which is a huge crane lifts high into the air, allowing visitors to enjoy the spectacular views of the city and a gourmet kitchen.

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5. The darkness

The most amazing restaurants of the world

Dinner in the Dark, England.

They say that if a person take one of the six senses, others worsen. Check this pattern can be in England, where there was the first institution in the world without electricity. Yes, at Dans Le Noir restaurant people dine in complete darkness. Such a trick allows maximum focus on food and flavors.

6. Earthquake

The most amazing restaurants of the world

The restaurant is in Spain, where strong shaking.

If all the world's restaurants for the battle of dishes take the money, the Disaster Café broken dishes is a necessary part of the meal. The chip institutions - imitation 7-8 magnitude earthquake. According to the owners of such extreme conditions will help better describe the taste of food and make an ordinary meal memorable.

7. Ice Cave

The most amazing restaurants of the world

Restaurant in ice Finland.

In the heart of the North Pole has a unique restaurant, whose design is similar to the fabulous snow fort. All the design elements, except for the chairs, made of snow and ice. However, the café will only the most hardy as to maintain all this beauty within the institution have to maintain the temperature of -5 degrees. The menu is mainly Lapland cuisine, but there is a large selection of hot drinks and alcoholic drinks, which will help visitors to get warm.

8. For one,

The most amazing restaurants of the world

Tables for one in Amsterdam.

Being in Amsterdam alone, go to Eenmaal. This place is well known among the local concept of his loneliness. Indoors you will find tables, exclusively designed for one person. Cafe will be a real boon for tired mothers, old people and fans to be alone with yourself, enjoy the peace and reading.

9. The volcano

The most amazing restaurants of the world

At the top of the volcano in Spain.

On the Spanish island of Lanzarote, you can dine on the top of an active volcano, in the restaurant El Diablo. In this establishment, built in 1970 you can taste dishes prepared with fire erupting volcano.

10. Capsule Restaurant

The most amazing restaurants of the world

Romantic restaurant in Thailand.

This restaurant will be a real boon for lovers of romance. The chip institutions that it does not have the usual rooms, tables and chairs. Instead of the traditional layout and the furniture - a network of bamboo capsules, suspended at the level of five meters above the ground. Inside each - all you need for a meal in a small circle. In addition you get a chance to enjoy the stunning views and unspoilt nature.

11. Swearing

The most amazing restaurants of the world

a dirty restaurant in the US.

The restaurant Dick's Last can not expect courtesy from the waiters. At the entrance you will be given a paper hat, with written on it insulting nickname. Every time a beckoning the waiter, get ready to hear a lot about "pleasant".

12. Giraffes

The most amazing restaurants of the world

Restaurant with giraffes in Kenya.

On the ground floor of the hotel Kenyan Giraffe Manor has a restaurant where you can dine in giraffes society. These cute animals are chip institutions and safely roam in the yard. Giraffes are almost always happy to take part in the meal visitors: look in the window, sniffing and can even pull off something with the guest table.