Coffee with mushrooms: to drink or not to drink?

• Coffee with mushrooms: to drink or not to drink?

Why not just add coffee in recent years! Now a new trend is thriving - coffee ... with mushrooms. But do not rush to chop chanterelles or something forbidden - it is all about other fungi that help immunity and brain.

Coffee with mushrooms: to drink or not to drink?

What is this drink?

Some food companies have already released on the European market of coffee (Arabica) extract Chaga mushrooms and Hericium erinaceus (lion's mane). The extract is prepared from freshly picked mushrooms, which are subjected to drying. That is not the same fungi as in the soup. It is believed that such a beverage increases productivity and facilitates creation.

Another option is designed for lovers of the sport. Coffee with the addition of Cordyceps extract promotes the growth of muscle mass.

The third recipe accelerates metabolism due to the mix of green coffee beans and the extract and Maitake mushroom Chaga.

Useful properties of

Scientists are wary of such innovations, citing insufficient research. In one of them it was obtained positive effect of the liquid extract Maitake immunity for patients with breast cancer. This fungus has antibacterial properties, which proved another study.

Popular mushrooms are rapidly converted into glycogen (a type of "fuel" for the body), thereby reducing blood sugar levels. But most of the studies on the effect of fungi on health carried out only on cells or laboratory animals, so definitive conclusions can not yet do. There are more interesting data on the effect of Cordyceps on the biceps. 20 adult athletes received the mushroom extract or a placebo for three months. Those who ate mushrooms, noticed an improvement in training: able to train longer without fatigue. And those who got a placebo, the difference is not felt. However, to achieve the effect they took 1000 mg of powder per day, whereas in its coffee 150 mg.

It should be noted that drinking coffee before velozabegom or jogging also improves endurance. But the effect of a mixture of coffee and mushrooms until tested.

Do mushroom coffee Trying?

One thing is certain: it is not dangerous. The taste is almost unchanged, and less caffeine than a conventional beverage.

If you need a coffee for training, it would be more expensive than buying the components separately. In addition, there is no reason to assume that drinking mushroom extract useful than there own mushrooms. So for the sake of interest - try, but do not need to wait on the magical properties of the beverage.