Giants: highest people of the world

• Giants: highest people of the world

Tall people are always attracted attention. In the Middle Ages, enlightened Europe is now burned giants at the stake together with witches: it was believed that too high growth indicates the presence of the devil's blood. By the XIX century began to cause abnormal sizes have a medical concern. Scientists were able to discover the secret of the Giants - the pituitary gland hypertrophy leads to excess growth hormone that causes the body to continuously grow in size. Here are some of the most famous giants of world history, each of which could easily become a basketball legend.

Giants: highest people of the world

Julius Koch

2 meters 46 centimeters

Julius Koch, christened enthusiastic press Le Geant Constantin, was one of the 15 tallest people known to science. Unhappy suffered congenital infantile gigantism: the development of the disease resulted was one of the factors that provoked the gangrene two giant legs. amputation of limbs extend the life of the poor man for a few weeks. March 30, 1902 Koch died at the Belgian town of Mons. There, in the Museum of Natural History, it is still exposed to its skeleton.

Giants: highest people of the world

Valnet Mullurinne

2 meters 51, 4 cm

Valnet born February 27, 1909 in Helsinki and did not show any signs of abnormal development up to the puberty. Acromegaly a few months to turn an ordinary student in the tallest man in Finland.

Giants: highest people of the world

Jack Carroll

2 meters 63, 5 cm

Friends called Jack "Ginger Giant": with an increase of 263 centimeters, the farmer from Iowa weighed under two quintals and the dispute raised the year-old calf hands. Until the end of his life, Carroll suffered a severe curvature of the spine, which turns everyday farming routine in an extremely painful ordeal.

Giants: highest people of the world

John William Rogan

2 meters 64 centimeters

At thirteen, John Rogan was two heads taller than any adult. By adulthood boy vymahal to two and a half meters, and then scored another fifteen centimeters, becoming at that time the tallest man in the world. Unfortunately, the explosive growth has led to the development of ankylosis, deprived giant's ability to move independently.

Giants: highest people of the world

Robert Wadlow

2 meters 72 centimeters

Hypertrophy of the pituitary gland caused abnormally high level of human growth hormone in the body of Robert. "Giant of Illinois" vymahal under three meters, and the wind does not blow off the road, gained as much as 220 kg. Oversupply of hormone was so great that the body of Robert continued to grow even after the death of the fixed intelligence.