Teacher's Day: decorate a class, we congratulate teachers

• Teacher's Day: decorate a class, we congratulate teachers

we must prepare in advance to the Teacher's Day: decorate the class to choose gifts. We will suggest a few ideas on organizing the festival.

October 5th celebrating the Day of the Teacher in Russia. This is a celebration, during which students and their parents are grateful to the teachers for their hard work. How to prepare for the celebration and what to give your favorite mentors?

Teacher's Day: decorate a class, we congratulate teachers

We make a class and auditorium

To create a festive atmosphere should decorate the office themed decor. It can be:

Foil beads in the form of numbers and letters;

posters on the holiday;

students figurines made of helium balloons;

Natural flowers.

Unusual ornament will be a wall newspaper with photos of teachers and students. Turn in all the fairy tale characters, or characters in the film with the help of Photoshop - and the enthusiasm surrounding provided!

On this day, as a rule, carried out at the school celebrations in the hall, then he also needs the scenery. A simple and effective way to make the room beautiful - order helium balloons. Of them on the spot going arches, chains, columns and fountains.

Teacher's Day: decorate a class, we congratulate teachers

Cooking recreational activities

None Teacher's Day is complete without a celebratory concert. But the usual songs, dances and poems for many years may have bored teachers. Therefore, students should come up with something original - funny sketches from the school of life, a parody of colorful trainers.

Unusual decision will organize teams of teachers and students, to come up with a funny and fun job. Do not think that the school teachers - serious and strict people who do not know how to have fun. Most of them maintain enthusiasm and creativity into old age - people with different character very difficult to work with children.

are given gifts

Traditional Present at the teacher's holiday - a bouquet. However, for him to need to buy roses, gerbera and gladiolus. After all, it can be composed of, it would seem, it is not suitable for this items. For example, from:

helium balls, fruit, candy, stationery.

Teacher's Day: decorate a class, we congratulate teachers

What else can you give the teacher?

Wall calendar order. Place where students photos, participating in various events. Pots for houseplants. "Green Friends" are present in almost any class, so that the gifts will be used.

A piece of interior. Because each teacher has his office, the desk lamp, vase, clock, picture would be quite appropriate.

Teacher's Day: decorate a class, we congratulate teachers

Computer Accessories. Few of the teachers today are not "communicate" with the computer, so the wireless mouse or flash drive is capacious necessarily need.

Organizer. Convenient daily or planingi plus solid handle - ideal present for someone who has to remember schedule, classroom hours, meetings and other important events.

Books related to the subject taught. This category includes encyclopedias, reference books, biographies of scientists and others.

Prepare celebrations on Teacher's Day and pick up the gifts is not difficult. The main thing that parents and students have joined forces in an effort to please the teacher.