15 terrible movies that should look for Halloween

Do you like scary movies or not, but there is one night when a movie exactly appropriate - it's Halloween. His English-speaking countries celebrate 31 October, the eve of All Saints' Day. The main symbol of the holiday Jack -svetilnik (pumpkin, which is carved out of the walls of sinister face, inside the pumpkin put a lighted candle), ward off evil spirits; popular costumes of characters of classic horror films. Here's our list of movie horror movies for Halloween - Prime fresh and timeless classics.

"Ouija. Origin of Evil"

15 terrible movies that should look for Halloween

premiere. "Ouija Evil Origins" will be in theaters on October 21 - just in time for Halloween. So if you think to go to a movie, it can be an ideal option. Just be careful on the way home from the cinema, do not look around and do not be afraid!

The content of the filmmakers tell a little: a few unsuspecting friends are forced to confront their worst nightmare after they called otherworldly evil that only they are now and will be able to expel.

"Judgment Night 3" (The Purge: Election Year)

15 terrible movies that should look for Halloween

The film was released in the summer of 2016, "Judgment Night 3" - a continuation of the successful bloody thriller. If you have not seen the previous series of the franchise, they are also worthy of attention. The content of the third is very intriguing: in the future of America is still practiced insane rule - the one night of the year has been farmed baser instincts, and everyone is allowed with impunity to kill, rape, rob, that is, do any of lawlessness. So the authorities arrange discharge population, reducing the level of crime in other days and nights of the year. Senator Charlie Roan tries to cancel a wild tradition, and its opponents are waiting for an opportunity to get rid of Charlie it was during the night the ship ... but Leo Barnes, almost stumbled at the last tape is taken to protect the Roan ...

"It" (It Follows)

15 terrible movies that should look for Halloween

"It" was recognized as one of the worst films of recent years. Why? Well, when the suspense, tension and horror come together - it is there and there. Immediately after watching this horror, you find yourself in a nightmare that will get you to dream at night. What did it mean?

After sexual intercourse 19-year-old girl by the name of Jay begin to torment strange visions and overwhelming feeling that someone or something is following her. Hugh warns her to get rid of this monstrous vision, it should enter into relationship with another person and transfer the curse before it brutally kill ...

"The Blair Witch Project"

15 terrible movies that should look for Halloween

Many people do not like the movie "The Blair Witch Project" in 2016, but they can not deny that there is a fascinating and frightening moments and disturbing scenes. Like any other horror movie, it can be made more terrible when viewed at night, in the dark and at a high volume. This movie will make you hide under Blankets!

Following the discovery of a mysterious video with James there is hope to find his missing sister. Together with a group of friends, he decided to go into the forest Black Hills, famous for the legend of the Blair Witch. But no scariest legend can not be compared with the nightmare that awaits them in reality. Leaving deeper and deeper into the forest, they begin to realize that perhaps the legend of the Blair Witch, it is little more than just a tale to frighten children.

"And the lights go out" (Lights Out)

15 terrible movies that should look for Halloween

An incredible box office success of this new horror film (thriller premiered in July 2016), gives hope for a strong genre attraction. Dark and scary movie will make you think and revise the darkest corners of your childhood, and maybe a couple of times you even really flinch. When Rebecca left home, she thought that her children's fears are left behind. As a child she was never sure what is real and what is not, when the light is quenched, and now her younger brother Martin is going through the same inexplicable and terrible events, which once felt the strength of her mind and threatened her security. Frightening thing, mysteriously tied to their mother Sophie reappeared. But this time, Rebecca gets to unraveling the truth, and is no longer doubt that their lives are in danger as soon as the lights go out ...

"The Babadook"

15 terrible movies that should look for Halloween

Australian and Canadian thriller was released in rent in January 2014, probably one of the scariest horror films, though not claiming to be the story originality (the ghost in an old house), but it opens up a new perspective thanks to a terrible game toddler November Uaysmana . Young parents are not recommended for viewing! "The Babadook" - a real gift to connoisseurs of horror "with brains" and with a sense of humor; the film proves that the genre can make smart and elegant film.

Six years ago, Amelia in one day lost her husband and gave birth to a son. Samuel goes for seven years, but he always see caricatures monster. One day before bedtime boy asks his mother read to him found the book of the terrible monster. Since then, his fears are in terrible physical embodiment The Babadook - and he and Amelia no longer distinguish his fantasies from reality. Very, very scary ...

"The Curse of 2" (The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist)

15 terrible movies that should look for Halloween

The events of the film take place 6 years after "The Spell" described in the first film. The second film based on the investigation of the so-called "Enfildskogo poltergeist", conducted by Edward and Lorraine Warren, renowned American researchers of paranormal phenomena. This time, they got a call from the northern suburb of London, where a family of four children and a single mother, is being attacked by otherworldly forces. Spouses to be seen what is the nature of these phenomena, there is a poltergeist, or something else, and most importantly - why this house and it was this family. Interestingly, in the first day of work on the film shooting area was consecrated a priest specially invited (just in case). "Spell 2: The Enfield Poltergeist" was released in June 2016 and has received much praise from audiences and critics. Halloween can be a perfect night for viewing with your fearless friends. Oh, and if you watched the first film, you'll be pleasantly surprised to find that the continuation of a lot better than the first part.

"28 Days Later"

15 terrible movies that should look for Halloween

The British horror 2002 can be your choice for Halloween, if you like zombie stories (but then, you might, in principle, need help). "28 Days Later" - is a horror film that instantly gets under your skin and will flow through your veins. His ability to make the viewer shudder just incredible! This film came when the zombies do not have news, but this epic horror literally revived the moribund genre.

The "green" extremists invades Primate Research Center and released from a secret research lab monkey infected with the virus uncontrollable aggression. Deadly virus transmissible through blood in seconds, resulting in an instantaneous infection and in contact with any living creature makes it a bloody monster. After 4 weeks, the whole of England is covered by a terrible epidemic that many people are being evacuated, others are looking for a safe place, in the hope of escape. Those who were lucky enough not to get infected with a group of the military are hiding in an abandoned house. Together they will look into the situation and try to fix it ...

"A Nightmare on Elm Street"

15 terrible movies that should look for Halloween

As a child there were many reasons to be afraid of the bath, and Freddy Krueger was definitely not the least of them. "A Nightmare on Elm Street" - a classic of the genre, the absolute "MUST B", I mean "must watch". He first appeared in 1984, and since then terrorizes young minds across the globe. Freddie has long been a fashion icon and trendsetter in the genre. If you have never watched this nightmare of our childhood, we suggest you start with the first part: in some places it will be very funny, sometimes - horror utter. Seriously, do not waste time on remakes! Afraid to see something strange during wakefulness - is one thing, but when scared to fall asleep, that's another story ... a group of teenagers from the suburbs pursued the same nightmare: in dreams for them sneaks creepy, disfigured killer - Freddy Krueger. They can protect each other awake, as in a dream - remain one on one with a nightmare come to life, and a chance to escape the rapidly approaching zero ... killed in a dream, they die and reality.

"Friday the 13th"

15 terrible movies that should look for Halloween

"Friday the 13th" - another film that everyone should see at some point in their lives. This is certainly not a wine that only gets better with age, but it is absolute classic of the genre.

Young friends lost in the woods near an abandoned camp "Crystal Lake". When their curiosity got the better, they decided to visit the place where he once lived psychopathic killer. Meanwhile, Trent invites friends to his hut, located at the lake for the weekend (sex, drinking and drugs). However, their weekend soon escalates into a nightmare after they find themselves face to face with evil, unimaginable, and improved, and his name is Jason Voorhees.

"Do not breathe,"

15 terrible movies that should look for Halloween

Crime Thriller 2016 - a terrible movie that may still goes to the cinema. This is an incredibly tense and frightening story. If you are fans of horror movies, you will instantly fall in love with this disturbing film. Its storyline is based around a home invasion - so violent that no doubt your breath away, and more than once.

Burglars climb in a blind man's House lonely to steal a huge amount which, reportedly, hidden somewhere inside. It would seem that may be easier - to make money from home is almost helpless man. But they are sorely mistaken: hunted becomes the persecutor. And the secret he keeps, much worse than they could imagine ...

"The Cabin in the Woods"

15 terrible movies that should look for Halloween

The film purposely copies the iconic motion picture in 1981 Sam Raimi's "Evil Dead", examines and pokes fun at various clichés of horror films. Heroes tape - five young people - are going for a weekend in a cabin in the woods, unaware that they have become unwitting participants in a carefully planned operation.

If you do not want much horror as it pinned on a theme, it is precisely your movie. Parodying the widespread clichés of horror films, the film contains the stereotypical figures of monsters from a number of classic films of the genre. It is a real thrill for lovers! There is also Alma Wade (little girl in a white dress series FEAR games), and the doctors of "House on Haunted Hill" and the angry tree from the "Evil Dead", and dark, horse from the "Alien" and the evil clown from "It" and even yūrei - flying girl ghost, visible in transmission from Japan ( "Call"). But it was especially glad to see the twins from the movie "The Shining"! In general, we recommend that those who are in the subject line!

"The Exorcist" (The Exorcist)

15 terrible movies that should look for Halloween

"The Exorcist" - a classic horror film in 1973, directed by William Friedkin filmed. Technical consultant of the film was made by the priest John Nicola - author of the monograph "possessed by the devil and exorcism." The film was nominated for ten awards "Oscar", including for the best film of the year. Over the years, the film was in the list of 250 best films in the history according to IMDb. Fees paid for at the box office motion picture several times, indicating that viewers recognition. By the way, in 2000 in wide release came restored version of the film, which included 11 additional minutes; restoration of the film cost $ 1 million, and at the box office a new version raised $ 39, 6 million. The family of the famous actress comes trouble - her minor daughter starts behaving inappropriately. The mother believes that it is a consequence of her personal tragedy, doctors suspect a mental illness, and unable to make a diagnosis. Specially invited the priest suspects that the girl possessed by the devil.


15 terrible movies that should look for Halloween

"Halloween" came out in 1978, and has since become the "grandfather" of all criminal horror films. The film begins like most horror movies - the murder of a young and beautiful girl.

Psychopathic killer Michael Myers as a child, committed the murder of his sister on Halloween - All Saints' Day. 15 years later the maniac again took up the old and terrorizes a small town. He ran away from the orphanage for mentally ill to re-apply their deadly blows at Halloween.

The famous mask Myers has its history - it was made of hellouinovskoy Captain Kirk mask (sci-fi hero of the series "Star Trek"). Just bought for one dollar mask removed eyebrows extended orbit and painted it white. This option because of its emotionless longer fell like creators than the smiling clown mask.


15 terrible movies that should look for Halloween

Timeless classics, most warmly recommended by us for viewing! This masterpiece of the great storyteller Tim Burton came out in 1988, and since then, we look at it again and again every year for Halloween. Witty, vivid and moving story is equally attractive for both children and adults. The award "Oscar" of the complex make-up is only partly reflects the charm of this picture.

What will make a couple of lay ghosts when their good New England flood snobs from New York? They hire private "bio-exorcist" to expel aliens. And the result will exceed all expectations!