Inspirational quotes from the keeper wisdom of Oscar Wilde

October 16 exactly 162 years ago was born the outstanding genius of literary skill Oscar Wilde - known to every playwright, novelist, poet, critic. Irish by birth, he is becoming one of the most famous British writers. It is in Oxford Magdalen College, Wilde was born the same: witty, eloquent, wise, not like the others ... And this is where it gets a reputation, "shining with little effort." It also took shape and its special philosophy of art: he is not intrigued by the events, it simply introduces us to his characters - conflicting, sometimes self-centered, lonely - unobtrusively offering touch his outlook and attitude to life.

Magnificent orator, he falls in love with his stories all around, sometimes fictitious. It was he who revolutionized the fashion and literature of the XIX century England: a long-haired handsome man in eccentric outfits, selected the role of the great esthete, imitating someone else's voice, was not afraid to express themselves as they see fit - so he could afford only one. In addition, all of which he skillfully combined with extraordinary wisdom, which has not lost its value over the years.

Inspirational quotes from the keeper wisdom of Oscar Wilde Inspirational quotes from the keeper wisdom of Oscar Wilde

Born in Dublin future genius in the family of the famous surgeon and poet. Oscar spent his childhood with a mother who just idolized since shortly after his birth parents separated. Since childhood, the boy grows in an atmosphere of poetry and beauty - that he inherited from his mother impeccable taste and love of beauty. The boy was named in honor of the warrior Fingal and his grandson Oscar (full name Wilde - Oscar Fingal O'Flaherty Wills Wilde), but his mother wanted a girl, and did not hide it. The child is told that he is a boy, the day when Oscar sister was born. Who knows, maybe that's what affected the psyche of the future genius ...

Inspirational quotes from the keeper wisdom of Oscar Wilde

up to 9 years Oscar studied at home, so when I went to school, already knew 2 languages: German and French. Later, he entered the prestigious college in Dublin, where he wakes up a special interest in the arts, humanities and classical literature. Even then, his talent began to emerge a beautiful orator - he was the best. After college, he entered Oxford, where finally gets rid of the Irish accent and is headed by the decadent circle.

Inspirational quotes from the keeper wisdom of Oscar Wilde

Back in college, he was known for his passion to decorate the room with beautiful things. Coming under the influence romantic, it erects cult beauty, which further leads to tragedy. Writer different flamboyant style of dress: short pants in combination with silk stockings, a vest with embroidery in the shape of flowers, bright yellow gloves and luxuriant frills - it was normal for him, but not to the public.

Inspirational quotes from the keeper wisdom of Oscar Wilde

After graduation, Wilde to conquer London. Confident writer always with a flower in his buttonhole becomes a regular guest of secular salons. It seemed crazy about him all the women of London, and the men are willing to spend hours to converse with him. He is so confident in its irresistible, that once at customs said: "I have nothing to declare except my genius." He received recognition not only in London but also in America and France. Everywhere it is taken as the "best among equals."

Inspirational quotes from the keeper wisdom of Oscar Wilde

As for the works of Oscar Wilde, it was controversial and shocking as the writer himself. Already the first serious literary works demonstrate the author's commitment to decadence, which is characterized by the cult of individualism, pretentiousness, mysticism, pessimistic mood of loneliness and despair. The lectures, which he actively began to read from the 1881 Oscar promoted the negation of the social function of art: Wilde was convinced that true art has always been the art of beautiful lies, and the rejection of it can lead to the decline of art. He wanted to prove that the writer has a right to full self-expression.

Inspirational quotes from the keeper wisdom of Oscar Wilde

In 1890, Oscar Wilde commissioned by the American publisher wrote "The Portrait of Dorian Gray" in which the author describes the aestheticization of immorality, the concept of a cynical hedonism, vice charm. In the same period he wrote several plays, which enjoyed great success, but at the same time accompanied by public scandals. The loudest of them, of course, has been associated with the novel "Dorian Gray" - then the writer was accused of immorality. Next censorship was banned drama "Salome" - here everything was worse, because Wilde touched biblical themes, which presented a decadent style.

Inspirational quotes from the keeper wisdom of Oscar Wilde

In the 29 years of Oscar Wilde marries for love to the beautiful Constance Lloyd. He was happy. One after another, were born two sons, Cyril and Vivian. Oscar loved kids, but they are rarely seen as constantly traveled to lecture and led a rich social life. Meanwhile, the fate of preparing a surprise to both of them.

Inspirational quotes from the keeper wisdom of Oscar Wilde

The years pass, and Oscar Wilde realizes with horror that nothing else feels for his wife. As an advocate of the position that there is nothing worse than a marriage without love, and disappointed in life, she goes headlong into work. Around this time he became acquainted with Alfred Douglas. Wilde compared it with Narcissus, he gratefully accepted favors. But society does not appreciate such an ambiguous friendship between Oscar and Alfred, and in 1895 a scandal broke out, which put an end not only to the literary career of the writer, but also forced to lose the will and desire to live. Wilde sues Marquis of Queensberry, father of his closest friend Alfred Douglas, for the charge of homosexuality. However, Douglas stands witness for the prosecution, and Wilde condemned for immorality and sentenced to imprisonment for two years. Wilde play immediately disappear from theaters posters, and some of the works fall under the ban. Two years later, Wilde is released from prison quite sick and broken man. Under an assumed name, he went to France, and died three years later in poverty. In recent years, he falls into a never-ending depression and says that the world is full of suffering, and that the highest duty of a poet - write about them. In his last work - "The Ballad of Reading Gaol" - it tells the story of a prisoner who had been sentenced to death for killing his beloved.

Oscar Wilde was not November 29, 1900, but in our hearts he will forever remain one of the brightest literary figures. His works and the cost of citations to this day, we have chosen the most striking.

The life of Oscar Wilde

"Every person has two origins: the desire for God and a desire to Satan."

"Empathize suffering of others can anyone but the success - only nature is extremely thin."

"The tragedy of old age is not that you're old and that still consider myself young."

"The books that the world calls immoral - it's books that show the world it's a shame."

"Society is experiencing a truly insatiable curiosity for everything, curiosity does not deserve."

"Sometimes what we think dead, not yet want to die for a long time."

"Education - a delightful thing, but it should be remembered at least from time to time that nothing that really should know, can not be learned."

"Broken can only be considered the life that stopped in its development."

"In life there are only two real tragedy: one - when you do not get what you want, and the second - when you get".

Love Oscar Wilde

"People always destroy what they love most of all."

"The solid foundation for marriage - lack of mutual understanding."

"Marriage without love - a terrible thing. But there is something worse than even a loveless marriage. This marriage in which there is love, but only on one side; is loyalty, but only on one side; there is devotion, but on one side only. In such a marriage one of the hearts will surely be broken. "

"You can be happy with any woman - if it is not love."

"Their husbands are always jealous ugly women; beautiful not before, they are jealous of others. "

"Self-love man carries through life."

"Love begins with the fact that a person is deceiving himself, and ends with the fact that he is deceiving the other."

"Friendship between man and woman is impossible. Passion, enmity, adoration, love - but not friendship. "

People of Oscar Wilde

"It makes no sense to divide people into good and bad. People are either charming or stupid. "

"People always laugh at their tragedies - the only way to move them."

"In all, what people are taken seriously, you need to see the comic side of things."

"We can not stand people with the same disadvantages as we have."

"A lie - this is true of other people."

"The man was very confused when he speaks on his own behalf. Give him a mask and he'll tell you the whole truth. "

"Just let people know themselves."

Oscar Wilde About Me

"I'm always surprised himself. That's the only thing worth living for. "

"Even Dickens did not have such a broad audience, I was treated like a crown prince." "Or I, or those nasty flowered wallpaper" (before his death).

"I do not want to know what people are talking behind my back. It's too flattering to me. "

"We are all in the gutter, but some look at the stars."

"I have nothing to declare except my genius."