The actors who played in the movie of Jesus Christ

• The actors who played in the movie of Jesus Christ

Biblical themes have always been among the most common in the art. Movies about Jesus Christ appeared almost simultaneously with the birth of cinema, and has since been created a lot of interpretations of Gospel subjects. The role of many actors Christ called the most challenging, interesting and important of all, they had to play. So complex that many of the stars of the first magnitude even abandon it - as, for example, Richard Burton and Robert De Niro. But there are those who dared to translate this image screens. Whose attempt was successful, and for whom was a test - later in the review.

The actors who played in the movie of Jesus Christ The actors who played in the movie of Jesus Christ

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Messiah the first time on the screens of viewers saw in 1897 in the American film "The staging of the sufferings of Christ in Hořice", where the main role played Jordan Villoshko. In 1927 they released their first full-length film about Christ, "King of Kings", where the main role played by silent film star Henry Warner. Before shooting, he had to sign a contract in which the main condition for the work was the renunciation of public action, "cast a shadow" on his character, and to the "inappropriate behavior" carried even a game of tennis. Before every shooting day of the actor's make-up, and then transported to the site in the car with opaque glass. The degree of responsibility was so high that even Warner began secretly to drink alone. The situation is aggravated and ecstatic fans, one of whom wrote to the actor: "Every time I think about the Lord, I see in front of your face." Despite the commercial success of the film, many critics tore it to pieces, believing that "Christ by Warner's too similar to the icon, and the film sometimes turns into a graphic."

The actors who played in the movie of Jesus Christ

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With the similar challenges faced and Max von Sydow, who played Christ in the film "The Greatest Story Ever Told" in 1965. The shooting lasted almost a year, and the actor complained that during that time people began to like to expect from him in my life some other behavior, even friends started to behave distantly. And it took 8 months to post this incredibly challenging and responsible role "return to ourselves".

The actors who played in the movie of Jesus Christ

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For Spanish student Enrique Irasoki Christ's role in the film "The Gospel according to Matthew" was the debut in cinema. Despite the fact that he was not a professional actor, the film is a classic of Italian cinema Pier Paolo Pasolini recognized as one of the most impressive works of Christ. After that Enrique has played two roles, and left the movie. He studied economics and philology, and became a famous chess player.

The actors who played in the movie of Jesus Christ

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One of the canonical version of the biblical story of the canonical interpretation of the image of Christ called the film the legendary director Franco Zeffirelli, "Jesus of Nazareth" 1977 Home role went to actor Robert Powell, who so successfully coped with the problem that, say, the Vatican even offered him money the fact that he found nowhere else was shot. The actor has rejected the proposal and built a successful film career. And on this work later he said: "The role of Jesus - one of those about which you think:" If I could have offered "But if you have already suggested, this is the creative challenge for an actor who can not but accept!".

The actors who played in the movie of Jesus Christ

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In the film adaptation of the famous rock opera "Jesus Christ - Superstar" in 1973, starring a rock musician, composer and singer Ted Neeley. He initially auditioned for the role of Judas, but the result was the role of Christ. It is interesting that he was late for the casting and decided to come in costume and make-up of the Messiah to the hotel directly to the director. And so I impressed him that was approved! For this role, Ted Neeley was nominated for the "Golden Globe". Initially, the idea of ​​presenting the biblical story in a genre of rock opera seemed a sacrilege, but this performance was so popular that it still goes on the stages of theaters in the world.

The actors who played in the movie of Jesus Christ

Stills Last Temptation of Christ * 1988 | Photo: and

One of the most controversial was the film "The Last Temptation of Christ" by Martin Scorsese. The director offered an original interpretation of the biblical story - thinking about what could be the earthly life of Christ, if he were still alive, and started a family and children. The Church has repeatedly tried to ban this film to be shown on the director and actor, who played a major role - Willem Dafoe - collapsed anger believers. Such a loose interpretation of the New Testament critics called outright heresy, although at the beginning of the movie and it was a warning that he did not claim the status of the film adaptation of the Gospel. Later Willem Dafoe said that only the amazing chutzpah then allowed him to believe that he will cope with the role of Christ - before he played in the movie villains. However, he really handled, although for this work, he nearly lost his health: to his eyes was more expressive, makeup artists applied drops, pupils dilate, and once an actor because of this blind for 3 days. Fortunately, the vision was restored later.

The actors who played in the movie of Jesus Christ

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The fact that his film might cause a scandal, and suggested Mel Gibson when started filming "Passion of Christ". Therefore, immediately I asked the actor Jim Caviezel, invited the lead role: "You do realize that after this you in this city is no longer able to work?". During filming, the actor got a lot of injuries: due to a thick layer of make-up of his body was covered with blisters, and he could not sleep in the stage of his scourging lash so that on your shoulder forever scar, he dislocated his shoulder and got bruises under his eyes. But this role was the most famous in his film career and brought him immense popularity. And the film really has been criticized due to the fact that many of the scenes in it were shown too realistic and hard, and became one of the most scandalous and controversial in the history of cinema.

The actors who played in the movie of Jesus Christ

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One of the most controversial and scandalous was the role of Yeshua Sergei Bezrukov and in the film "Master and Margarita". Many put him in reproach that he agreed to the job after the role of the gangster Sasha White in the series "Brigada". Though he never tired of repeating that Christ did not play, and the character of the novel by Mikhail Bulgakov called Yeshua. In an interview, he said: "To play Jesus Christ is impossible. Moreover - it is beyond the power of any actor on earth because we are all ordinary mortals, and he was God-man ... The only thing - we try to play our idea of ​​it. "