A few tips for the home

Knowing a couple of little tricks you can save is always safe and sound a few hundred in my wallet. In house use is always handy chalk, hair, cups of warm coffee and a couple of rolls of toilet paper. With the help of these simple items you can solve almost any problem.

1. Cost-effective upgrade of furniture

A few tips for the home

An easy solution for the restoration of any tree in the apartment. / Photo: i.ytimg.com

If the furniture is scratched, it lost its attractive appearance, or just tired, it is not necessarily just to change a new one. Freshen the interior can be much cheaper and easier. To do this, you need to buy a self-adhesive film of the desired shade, can be one-color or interesting pattern. With it, the furniture is transformed in just 10-15 minutes effortlessly. This method can be used at least every six months experimenting with design and mood.

2. Notebook Stand with your hands

A few tips for the home

Easy, convenient and very economical.

To make a convenient stand under the laptop is not necessary to spend money, you can do with improvised means. For this we need a small piece of fabric, pillow, glue gun, cardboard frame suitable size with glass.

On the piece of cloth put a pillow on top of her and cardboard. Around the perimeter of the plot the hot glue and fasten the fabric on it. The resulting new construct connect the frame via fasteners. This stand is very easy to use: the bottom - soft and nice cushion, which is convenient to put on their feet, and on top - a solid glass on which is placed a laptop. Stand is not heated, so a laptop running longer and safer.

3. 2 in 1 table and mirror

A few tips for the home

is functional, elegant and unusual.

This design solution provides the right dual economy: money and space. Desk, we do not use all the time, so why not combine it with the mirror in one piece? A rational solution is easy to issue: top made of particle board is attached to the wall of piano hinges, and the other end is attached to her mirror with a frame of identical size. When you work at a laptop, with a mirror frame serves as a foot, and after execution of the work the whole construction is collected and attached to the wall by means of valves. The space freed, and on the wall adorned only mirror.

4. Save the works of art

A few tips for the home

Vase guaranteed to remain intact, if we add the secret ingredient in it. / Photo: i2.wp.com

Often better foresight than sorry and pay a lot of money. To a beautiful decorative vase on a table or cabinet is not damaged by careless movement, it is possible to pour a sufficient amount of sand. By weight it is quite heavy, making a piece of art more sustainable.

5. The best inexpensive means of wine stains

A few tips for the home

An unexpected rescue of a purse. / Photo: hips.hearstapps.com

Unpleasant situation with spilled wine can happen at home, or while relaxing in the restaurant. One thing is clear: we need to save the clothes quickly, or spend it on a new not exactly avoided. It helps disinfectant gel, which is almost always at hand. They need abundant grease stain, let soak 5 minutes. Then wash as usual - the spot is gone.

6. Cheap rollers - savings on hair

A few tips for the home

Toilet paper taxis - and do not need to spend money on a stylist. / Photo: m.hemenhaber.net

Toilet paper - a very useful thing in the household. Even after it ends, from it you can get the benefits. Or rather from a cardboard sleeve. It can be successfully used as curlers for a beautiful hairstyle. Hair Moisturizing previously, then cheat on board and fasten invisible. The necessary time, fix hair lacquer.

7. Homemade cream foundation or a revival of the old

A few tips for the home

Natural cosmetics improvised. / Photo: img1.wsimg.com

In an emergency, you can make yourself even foundation. This will require a little bit of liquid coffee, as much lotion and baby powder. All parts are approximately equal. Qualitatively, we mix all the ingredients and using sponzhikom put on the face.

To control the tone of cream, you can add less or more coffee. However, sometimes you can not resort to such extraordinary measures and to save the old foundation, which has dried up. It evenly warm up with a hair dryer, and consistency of returns to normal.

8. It is easy to remove traces of the marker with furniture

A few tips for the home

Clock and moist cloth come to the rescue.

Usually, the marker on the furniture turns into a disaster. Avoid the problem of replacement of an easy way to help. To handle easily erased with a damp cloth, it should be preheated. All colored lines warm up with hot air from a hair dryer, and then erase effortlessly.

9. Mel's economy

A few tips for the home

It is better to stock up on such a useful tool beforehand. / Photo: operationhome.files.wordpress.com

Mel easily cope with most everyday problems, and is inexpensive. If the key is turned in the lock is bad, it is necessary to rub the chalk. It is also perfectly removes grease from virtually any material and surfaces in just 10 minutes. Crushed chalk in the fabric helps to quickly dry wet shoes.

10. Versatile Stain Remover

A few tips for the home

The miraculous mixture that saves everything. / Photo: tekstilprofi.com

Stain remover cope even with spilled coffee. It is advisable to apply as early as possible and then wash with normal laundry. The spray bottle, pour half a cup of vinegar, one-third of the detergent, a glass of sparkling water and a little lemon juice. Stir and enjoy.