How to Start to build a career?

• How to Start to build a career?

Graduation and the search for a first job - a difficult period. The same, however, concerned with finding work after the decree or a long break. Here are some tips from the experts on the staff, how to identify and find what you like.

How to Start to build a career?

1. Think about what you're interested in

What do you do all day and not get tired? What areas do you interested in? What do you like most? If you made the right choice, the interview eyes will light up.

2. What you know about?

Interests - it's good, but it is sufficient if you have knowledge of a particular position? If not - it is never too late to get them! Make a list of your skills and "sell" themselves on it. In your resume should be listed qualifications, academic achievement and character traits that help work.

4. Note than you can be useful for a particular company

If you have strong leadership skills, you work well in a team and know how to communicate - all of this will come in handy.

5. Convince the employer that he should take it you

To do this, and you need a cover letter, in which all of this is expressed in a less formal way than in the abstract.

6. Think about why you need it, this work

Maybe you've always wanted to work in this company? Do something specifically for this project? Develop in this particular area? Answers to these questions are no less important than questions about interests and skills.

7. Adapt to the desired vacancies

Choose your strengths and favorably presented them to the employer. For example, it is possible that your hobby associated with the promotion page in social networks, it is useful to first job and will quickly take a step forward.